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Anti-science: Pete Buttigieg says life begins at ‘breath,’ cites Bible



Anti-science Pete Buttigieg says life begins at breath cites Bible


Science has been very clear in recent years, siding with the pro-life movement’s contention that life begins at conception. Even at the germinal stage of post-fertilization development, consensus of scholars from scientists to philosophers agree that this is, indeed, a life. They argument has been settled for most – life begins at conception.

Where the sides diverge is on where to draw the line for when that life is considered a person. Some say it’s at the first heartbeat, around six weeks after conception. Others say it’s at the point of viability, around 20 weeks, when a baby can realistically be expected to survive outside of the womb. Others say it’s at the point of birth. Many on the far left have been pushing the notion that it’s actually slightly beyond birth, saying an unwanted baby who has been born still doesn’t qualify for protections as a person.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg, a top-5 candidate for the Democratic nominee for president, cited the Bible as saying life begins at first breath. The left, which is against any Biblical worldview that doesn’t align with their secular worldview, has no problem with this assessment despite constantly saying the Bible cannot be used as a basis for pro-life arguments. As long as it supports their argument, they’re perfectly fine with the Mayor invoking it.


It takes a hardcore desire to achieve personal gain for someone to warp their Biblical understanding in ways that will match their own rhetoric. This happens at times on the right when people misuse the Bible to defend racism or oppose interracial marriages. But it’s also a tool for the left, as Buttigieg is wielding it here.

There’s a dangerous trend in the pro-abortion movement. They are becoming less argumentative about when life begins and more militant about defending the rights of the mother over the baby. In other words, they’re no longer saying the baby doesn’t have the right to live. They’re saying the baby’s rights are subjective based on the desire of the parents. What Buttigieg’s comments do is solidify this argument for many on the left.

But it doesn’t end there. As mentioned before, a growing number of progressives are pushing the boundaries well beyond “1st breath.” Even if a baby is born alive after a failed abortion, their claims are the baby should be allowed to die without assistance or nourishment. This is a heinous perspective, one that is a stain on the soul of this country. If this is ever allowed to become the law of the land, as many are pushing it to be, God help us.


“There’s a lot of parts of the bible that talk about how life begins with breath. Even that is something that we can interpret differently.” – Pete Buttigieg

Final Thoughts

This is what makes Buttigieg such a dangerous candidate if he wins the nomination. He won’t just attack conservatives and the President. He’ll wage an assault on the Bible with his skewed perspectives, taking his arguments to the mainstream.

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