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Ted Cruz crushes Hollywood leftist Alyssa Milano on 2nd Amendment rights



Ted Cruz crushes Hollywood leftist Alyssa Milano on 2nd Amendment rights

Professional Hollywood radical progressive activist Alyssa Milano has taken her war against conservatism and common sense to the gun arena as she’s now their leading gun control advocate. At least that’s what one can glean from her recent Tweets. Her vision of how she will run the country when she’s finally in control has shifted over the years as she’s gone from #MeToo headmaster to open borders spokesperson, from proud double-abortion princess to her current position as lead interrogator in the fictional NRA trial.

She’s even attacking Bible-believers for their defense of the 2nd Amendment.

Did someone say “Bible” and “guns” in the same sentence? Cue Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) who happens to be a devout Christian and Constitutional scholar. His 10-Tweet reply was a master’s course on why you shouldn’t try to attack the Bible with the Constitution and visa versa:

There is plenty of criticism that can be laid on those who improperly use the Bible to defend our rights, not because our rights are not God-given but because the arguments are often counterproductive, as Dana Loesch noted earlier today:

But as I countered, albeit while agreeing with her, defending our rights by invoking the Bible is a challenging notion because many who are opposed to these rights do not hold the Bible as an authority at all, let alone the highest documented authority on Earth. Therefore, one must be very careful when using Christian theology as grounds for defending Constitutional rights.

Senator Cruz doesn’t need to be careful, as his grasp of the Bible and Constitution are extremely high. He understands that the fact these rights are given by God as Natural Rights and documented as such by the founding fathers to put them above reproach of men is the foundation for proper arguments supporting the 2nd Amendment and other liberties we, as Americans, must protect.

Milano was terribly outmatched in this particular debate. She asked a question and she received the proper answer.

Our rights are above the machinations of authoritarian politicians, their mainstream media lapdogs, and Hollywood’s endless flow of radical progressive virtue signalers. Ted Cruz’s defense of the 2nd Amendment should be memorized by every patriotic American.

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