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The real reason the left obsesses over gun confiscation while denying they obsess over gun confiscation



The real reason the left obsesses over gun confiscation while denying they obsess over gun confiscat

The ‘need’ argument and why it betrays a fundamental control obsession of the collectivist left

Were it not over the deadly serious issue of gun confiscation, the examples of leftist doublespeak over the common sense human right of self-defense would be supremely enjoyable to behold. Case in point, ‘Democratic’ presidential candidate Julian Castro talking about maximizing ‘executive authority’ [read: gun confiscation]. While at the same time insinuating that innocent gun owners are paranoid that the government is going to take maximum ‘executive action’  [read: gun confiscation]

Remember, just because the ‘Democratic’ presidential candidates are talking about forced ‘buy backs’ of property it never owned or every other liberty crushing scheme they can conjure up. It doesn’t mean that they are going to demand forced ‘buy backs’ of property it never owned or institute every other liberty crushing scheme they can conjure up. It’s just ‘paranoia’ that they talk about gun confiscation [or it’s aliases] whenever they can.

Even though the left has incessantly demanded gun confiscation over the past few years, that doesn’t mean that the left has incessantly demanded gun confiscation over the past few years.

Why does the left obsess over the same failed ideas?

Reasonable people can see that liberty [gun] control doesn’t work. This has been proven time and time again in the city of Chicago, where more were shot in gun-controlled Chicago on Labor Day Weekend than headline-grabbing Texas shooting as reported by Lorie Wimble. It’s been proven in nations with strict limitations on liberty such as Mexico or Venezuela.

The liberty grabber left is currently demanding measures that even they will admit wouldn’t have stopped any of the recent tragedies .

The left can’t be so lacking in common sense as to push the same failed ideas time after time. They supposedly want to keep people safe, but they push policies that will do the opposite. Thus, it should be clear that they only care about enhancing their political power and nothing else.

Demanding gun confiscation while denying they are demanding gun confiscation

What is the true purpose of this incessant doublespeak from the authoritarian socialist left? Why do they even bother trying to deny the obvious when the evidence is right in front of us?

This could be the result of several factors. Perhaps a desire to keep up the fiction that they still favor liberty. Instilling a false sense of security in some gun owners that they will be safe from gun confiscation, or that they aren’t out to unfairly punish the innocent.

The true issue is coming forth: The left’s ongoing assault on liberty

The real reason is that totally admitting the truth of the matter would irrevocably change the debate over the common sense human right of self-defense. The debate would no longer be over non-sense gun ‘reform’ or ‘safely’. It would rightfully be over the issue of basic human rights.

An issue that was the subject of master class taught to Alyssa Milano based on logical insight by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). It was a ‘mic drop moment’ that illustrated exactly why they cannot allow the debate to verge into the key issue being the Left’s assault on Liberty.

The liberty grabber left cannot allow the discussion to be on fundamental human rights because it would illustrate their hatred for liberty and individualism. They have to keep it on nonsensical emotional talking points or scary looking objects instead of practical reality and logic or they will handily lose the argument.

The ‘need’ argument and why it betrays a fundamental failing of the collectivist left

There are essentially two political sides or fundamental ideologies, these are Individualism and Collectivism. These coincide with the Robert A. Heinlein quote in that ‘The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire.’ With those having no such desire being the Individualists, while those who want to control others being of the Collectivist variety.

Often times, the word from the enemies of liberty on the left will be that no one ‘needs’ an AR-15, whether it is stylish or not. Taking stock of the rhetoric of the left, this is a common refrain from the authoritarian socialist left with it ranging from what they think you ‘need’ for your defense to what you ‘need’ in property – specifically income.

This mindset betrays a certain level of arrogance as well as a control mentality. These are people who want to dictate how you live your life, that extends beyond self-defense or earnings. Today’s news has other examples of this leftist collectivist control mentality from a Tennis Player Fined $10,000 for Using ‘Gun Gesture’  to someone wanting to control what color hat you can wear.

The Bottom-Line.

Anyone who may entertain the false impression those people are going to stop with Intergalactic Background Checks or ‘AR-style’ weapons [whatever those are] should realize that power is its own reward, that leftists won’t stop with these triflings. If they taste what they consider to be the intoxicating elixir of control over others, there will be no end to their demands as exemplified by the culture war.

If they can control liberty in one area of life, what’s to stop them from continuing on into other areas? Especially since the common sense human right of self-defense is the bulwark that secures every other individual right. This is why it is important to just say NO to leftist controls on liberty. We won’t have any more chances if it goes beyond this point.

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