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Guns and Crime

Kevin McCarthy calls for ‘common sense solutions’ to gun violence




Republicans continue to hit the interview circuit selling the idea of “common sense” gun control. They have been taking this message to the people for months, but it has escalated since the back-to-back mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton last month. Following yesterday’s shootings in West Texas, it’s a hot topic again as Congress prepares to come back into session.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy was on Fox News this morning pitching the idea of finding “common ground” with Democrats to install new gun control measures.

Both President Trump and many leaders within the GOP have signaled that this legislative session will see gun control squarely on the table.


No. Don’t do it, Representative McCarthy. Don’t do it, President Trump. Don’t do it, Republican leadership. You’re falling into the trap set by radical progressives to give them a starting point from which they will propel their complete gun control agenda.

They will not be satisfied by anything the GOP Senate is willing to pass or the President is willing to sign. It wouldn’t matter if they banned “assault weapons,” incentivized states to enact red flag gun laws, and made universal background checks ironclad. Anything short of total firearm confiscations will be attacked by the left. More importantly, every inch of ground the GOP gives will be wedged by the left until it becomes a mile.

There are “common sense” solutions to gun violence that have nothing to do with gun control. In fact, the fastest path to reducing gun violence is to arm more law-abiding American citizens and allow them to carry firearms wherever they go.


“How can we find common sense to prevent these things from happening? I think that’s where we find common ground.” – Kevin McCarthy

Final Thoughts

In the wake of the most recent shootings, it is becoming increasingly difficult for 2nd Amendment advocates in the GOP to stop the gun control train from barreling through the Constitution. But stop it, we must. Their “common sense” makes no sense at all.

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