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Abortion activists in Chile burn unborn baby effigy



The killing of preborn children is an act of evil, but I’ve never stood by the notion that all people who support abortion are evil (thought technically speaking we’re all evil to some extent, but that’s a different discussion). Many abortion activists are horribly misguided by a society that has embraced this murder as an acceptable choice, a healthcare decision that must be protected for the sake of the mother. These people often see preborn babies as “potential” humans or whatever the acceptable justification of the day, and therefore don’t see it as murder.

But behind it all is an actual, palpable spiritual evil that drives the pro-abortion movement. They are usually subdued in their proclamations here in the United States; under the guise of human rights, they make mothers into victims and prefer words like “fetus” and “viability” to promote their agenda. In other countries like Chile, the evil doesn’t hide behind a veil. It’s out in the open, as LifeNews noted in this video:

There’s one important note about some reports on this event. The wording is being attacked by fact-checkers since many of the headlines say “burn unborn babies in effigy.” These are obviously not actual preborn babies, and I do not believe the headlines and titles were intending to imply that because they refer to the burning as happening to an effigy. But leftist fact-checkers are starting to “debunk” the claims because technically no actual unborn babies were burned. This is a subtle form of propaganda because when people try to find out if the event actually happened, some fact-checkers and articles are saying the reports are false over the technicality.

The reality isn’t much better than what the fact-checkers are implying. Symbolic burning of preborn children, even in effigy, is a disgusting ritual that invites evil into all who actively participate and support it. We used the video from Dr. Michael Brown but had to upload it to YouTube as the Facebook embed wasn’t working properly.

There is no other way to see this video without believing a spirit of pure wickedness rules over these abortion activists. We aren’t seeing this level of outward deviance yet in America, but it’s coming. The fight for life is just getting started.

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