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President Trump: Space is ‘the next war-fighting domain’



President Trump Space is the next war-fighting domain

The White House is launching U.S. Space Command, a precursor to the United Federation of Planets (at least to Star Trek fans). But he doesn’t view it as an exploration division like NASA. This is all about protecting the United States from above.

Listen to the President’s own words:

This is a huge deal on two fronts. First, this marks the entry into space wars, a theoretical notion that allows both strong defense from ICBM attacks as well as a tremendous offensive warfare system. The potential for mass devastation from space weapons far exceeds the capabilities of modern nuclear missiles. Projectiles using the Earth’s gravity can cause devastation beyond we’ve known.

But it’s more than just meteor-style warfare. Having control of near-space will allow the United States to have an extreme advantage using more sophisticated weapons ranging from high-altitude EMP pulses to solar-powered lasers. It’s terrifying to think what our enemies could do with such technology.

The other huge deal is cost. What is it going to take to run this type of operation? Can we afford it? We’ll see.

Whatever the pros and cons are domestically will be seen soon enough. But on the international front, this announcement sends shudders up the spines of our enemies.

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