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CNN gushes over Emmanuel Macron. The Yellow Vests beg to differ.



CNN gushes over Emmanuel Macron The Yellow Vests beg to differ

To CNN, Emmanuel Macron is a scholar and a gentleman. He’s the man women want and men want to be. He’s a master strategist, a cunning negotiator, and a clever manipulator who was able to tame the American shrew. He’s bulletproof, has perfect teeth, and should have more YouTube subscribers than PewDiePie. He makes Dos Equis’ “Most Interesting Man in the World” seem dull and could beat Chuck Norris at anything.

To the lucid people of the world, he’s a failing leader who can’t must resort to violence against his own people in order to maintain a perception of control over his country.

To the Yellow Vest Movement, he’s a minion of Satan.

The latest puff piece from CNN makes it clear the author wishes Macron would annex America and be our leader, too.

Macron shook up the G7 with his fancy diplomatic footwork

From the moment French President Emmanuel Macron tore up the G7 road map by canceling the joint communique, he transformed the gathering of the world’s seven largest advanced democracies.

His tactic opened the door to a weekend of head-snapping spin and surprise, not least that President Trump stayed, smiling and handshaking with the host until the very end.

It was a sharp contrast to Trump’s storming out early at the last G7 and testimony to Macron’s fleet-footed diplomacy.

The rationale Macron gave behind his eve-of-summit cancellation — “it’s pointless” — was a reference to Trump’s refusal to sign last year’s communique in Canada.

Meanwhile, the Yellow Vest protests continue into their 41st week. A woman who got pregnant when the protests started likely had her baby by now. And it doesn’t seem to be getting any better as police regularly tear gas and beat down protesters who are adamant about the quality of life in France deteriorating under Macron’s short rule.

Here’s a video from a week prior to G7 commencing. As much as I hate using RT as a source, American media isn’t paying attention and French media treats Macron the same way U.S. news outlets treated President Obama.

Macron has been unable to resolve literally any of the major problems he set forth to tackle when he was elected. He’s a joke to his own people, but CNN still adores him because he opposes Trump. Both CNN and Macron are pitiful.

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