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David Koch’s passing met with instant vitriol from the left



David Kochs passing met with instant vitriol from the left

There was a time when the phrase “too soon” was used against those who vilified someone shortly after they died. It was assumed there’s a grace period in which those who are mourning do not have to suffer through insults by those opposed to their loved one. Those days are behind us, as clearly seen in reactions to David Koch’s passing.

News that Koch, the younger of the famed “Koch Brothers” known for being Republican mega-donors, has died will be addressed by the various news publications and talking heads with varying degrees of reverence or hatred. To most on the left, he was an enabler who helped many Republicans win elections. To many on the right, he was an icon who used the system to promote his political agenda, but who also engaged in undeniably philanthropic causes.

Even as Erickson’s Tweet speaks truth about the man, the comments below it demonstrate the worst of American society as we dive deeper into the abyss. The words “too soon” no longer apply.

I was going to post some of the Tweets of progressives being vile, but it’s not worth it. Trust me. They’re horrible.

I’ve had my share of disagreements with some of the policy stances the Koch brothers espouse. I haven’t always been happy with the candidates they support. I’ve criticized them in the past and I’ll probably criticize Charles Koch in the future. But today and for a time, criticism should be withheld. A human being has died and his family deserves the respect of our condolences and prayers at best or our silence at worst. To attack now is a pathetic display of the worst side of humanity.

Whether you agreed with David Koch’s politics or not, members of a civilized society should not immediately engage in hate-filled rants saying the worst possible things about the newly deceased. Civility has clearly lost to tribal feuding.

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