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Pregnant illegal alien rescued by border patrol while lost in the desert



Pregnant illegal alien rescued by border patrol while lost in the desert

A 24-year-old pregnant Guatemalan woman was traveling with other migrants through the desert after crossing the border illegally. Border patrol rescued them when half of their group left them in the desert and were later apprehended by border patrol. She was vomiting and had to be treated immediately before being taken to a hospital.

The desire to be anchored to the United States by having a child born on American soil can cause dilemmas for expecting mothers. On one hand, he closer to the expected birth date it is, the greater the likelihood they won’t be deported before the baby is born. But trekking thousands of miles is difficult when one is not pregnant, let alone while carrying a child.

This particular migrant likely picked the poor timing – in the extreme heat of the summer months – based on her desire to reach American soil before she was no longer able to travel the long distance. That choice nearly cost her and her baby their lives.

Yuma Sector BP Rescues Pregnant Woman Lost in Desert

Agents accompanying a Yuma Sector Border Patrol Search, Trauma, and Rescue team soon located the group, among them a 24-year-old Guatemalan woman who was four months pregnant. In route to Yuma Station, agents provided immediate aid to the pregnant female, who had begun to vomit, and contacted emergency medical services for an ambulance transport to a local hospital.

The woman was treated and released from the hospital Saturday.

The entire group of 13 illegal aliens was processed for immigration violations.

Border Patrol warns that illegally crossing the border any time of year can be fatal, but summer months, when temperatures can reach over 120 degrees, prove especially dangerous.

The timing of this is pertinent as the President considers putting an end to birthright citizenship. It’s an alluring prospect to have one’s baby on U.S. soil, one that is putting lives at risk for the sake of a broken policy loophole.

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