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Bernie Sanders blames high cost of college for seniors going bankrupt



Bernie Sanders blames high cost of college for seniors going bankrupt

To all of you 68-year-old college freshmen out there, Bernie Sanders wants your vote. He feels your plight. He recognizes the crushing effect of the high cost of college and how it’s making your go bankrupt. All you want is a degree so you can get a job to pay for socialism in your golden years, and the system is against you. But not with Bernie. Bernie will save you.

All snark aside, it’s true that seniors are going bankrupt, but it’s not because of pensions being cut (something that was essentially cured over a decade ago) or high cost of college. It’s true that healthcare costs are a driving force. Bernie got that one right. What he doesn’t indicate is how the five-fold increase in bankruptcies is a direct result of Obamacare’s cost-driving effects on health insurance and medical costs.

This is why the greatest lie the Democrats are seemingly being allowed to get away with is that their plan is what will fix the broken healthcare system. Medicare-for-All and the other proposals are all advancements on Obamacare. They take things further to the left. After seeing what a little progressive healthcare can do, why would Americans want to double down on it? Who wants twice the failure?

It’s hard to tell which is worse: That Bernie blames high college costs for senior citizens going bankrupt or that millions of Democrats are nodding their heads instead of scratching them.

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