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Joe Biden echoes false progressive claim that ballot box is ‘out of reach’



Joe Biden echoes false progressive claim that ballot box is out of reach

In rural areas of the country, voter groups send mail and emails to help people in remote areas know their options for voting. Most major cities have services for the elderly, poor, and disabled that offer to take people to the polls on election day. Private organizations do everything they can to make sure voters (particularly those most likely to support their particular cause or candidate) have a way to vote properly.

We do not have a shortage of ways that make certain those legally allowed to vote are never denied their right to participate in American government. This is why a Tweet by former Vice President Joe Biden is so peculiar. It’s demonstrably false in every detail as he compared the “problem” of voting access today to the passage of the 19th Amendment which literally empowered millions with the vote. But our EIC called him out on it.

Efforts by Democrats to make voting easier are not to help legal American voters. American citizens have no problem voting. Literally zero. Making voting easier is a Democratic strategy that allows voter fraud to flourish. Period.

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