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Kirsten Gillibrand wants to confiscate guns



Senator and failing Democratic candidate for president Kirsten Gillibrand wants to confiscate your guns. The former “conservative” when it was politically expedient to be one in upstate New York has now gone the way of most her new party. She’s a radical progressive who wants your guns.

For someone who used to have an “A” rating with the NRA, she’s come a long way to hit rock bottom by calling for “assault weapons” bans and mandatory buybacks, AKA confiscations. Oh, but she won’t actually SAY they’re mandatory buybacks. She danced around that question like a pop star.

Gun activist Colion Noir broke down a recent interview she did with CNN. It was clear, as Noir pointed out, that CNN has already weighed Gillibrand in the balance and found her wanting. They went after her to corner her on her old gun rights support and tried to get her to admit what she wants to do as president with gun confiscations.

It’s funny watching Democrats flail around trying to get attention for themselves. There are only a handful of candidates leaving a mark, and Kirsten Gillibrand isn’t one of them. But she’s still trying to do damage to the 2nd Amendment on her way out.

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