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Google’s social justice warrior workforce is making demands about ICE, CBP



Googles social justice warrior workforce is making demands about ICE CBP

A petition created by Google employees is circulating through the big tech hallowed halls calling for the company to cease any engagements with ICE, CBP, or any government agencies that “engaged in caging and torturing vulnerable people.”

It’s just the latest group of progressive employees at a tech giant making demands of their employers regarding the government clientele they service. Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook have had similar situations regarding government contracts, particularly with the military. This is the first one to be hit with demands regarding border patrol and ICE law enforcement agencies.

“Google has repeatedly advertised its commitments to implementing ethical guardrails on its tech. Google’s AI Principles state that Google will not build technologies ‘whose purpose contravenes widely accepted principles of international law and human rights,'” the Googlers posted in a statement. “By any interpretation, CBP and ICE are in grave violation of international human rights law. The company has also pledged to create a diverse, inclusive, and psychologically safe workplace for all its workers, including immigrants and Latinx people — the very populations whose communities, families, and friends are being terrorized by CBP and ICE.”

In that single paragraph, one can easily discern the misplace passions these leftists are experiencing. The whole document is laden with logical fallacies. In this paragraph, they’re “begging the question” by saying “by any interpretation” ICE and CBP are committed human rights violations. This is, of course, not even close to the truth. It’s not by “any” interpretation. It’s only by a very narrow interpretation of the necessary actions ICE and CBP undertake in order to keep us safe that anyone can consider these human rights violations.

Google employees accuse Border Patrol of ‘torturing’ immigrants, refuse to work with agencies

Google employees launched the petition after CBP announced it was accepting bids from private companies to provide cloud services for the agency. Over 700 Google employees have signed the petition, along with over 50 former employees and others.

The petition compared Google working with the immigration agencies to IBM working with the Nazis. The petition cites Google’s principles for developing artificial intelligence and staying within “ethical guardrails.”

Keep in mind, many of the people signing these petitions have power over the information and news we’re presented online. As Google continues to claim to be unbiased, their own employees are telling a very different story.

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