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Philadelphia suspect Maurice Hill had guns illegally. Criminals don’t obey laws, folks.



Philadelphia suspect Maurice Hill had guns illegally Criminals dont obey laws folks

Another day, another shooting. This is America in 2019, and as shootings happen more frequently than the recent past, Democrats invariably call for more laws that will harm law abiding citizens without having the desired impact on criminals. Why? Because by their very nature, criminals are wont to possess and use firearms illegally. After all, they’re criminals.

Case-in-point: Wednesday’s gun battle in Philadelphia that left six officers wounded and another injured. A man barricaded himself in his home and opened fire on police. Democrats pounced with multiple calls for gun control. But the narrative didn’t match reality. As Beth Baumann at Townhall pointed out, the alleged shooter, Maurice Hill, has a long criminal history, a penchant for using firearms despite gun laws in place to prevent that, and a tendency to evade capture from law enforcement.

In other words, the current laws should have been more than enough to prevent Hill from acquiring the firearms used in Wednesday’s shootings. To say that more gun control laws would magically do the trick is disingenuous. The Democrats know this to be the case, but that didn’t stop them from taking advantage of another high-profile illegal use of firearms to call for more laws.

Before we show those reactions, let’s highlight three Tweets from Democratic candidates that were not instantly calling for gun control. They were actually quite lucid.

But the majority of Democratic candidates who responded did so as a way to call for more gun control. They weren’t specific about which laws they’d propose that would have somehow stopped Hill from illegally acquiring his firearms, but hey, those are just details to Democrats, right? Gun control must pass whether it’s going to prevent shootings or not. Gun control must pass whether it will harm law abiding citizens or not. That’s the modern Democratic mantra.

It doesn’t matter to Democrats that criminals break laws. All that matters is that they pass gun control regardless of how many law abiding citizens it hurts. Philadelphia demonstrated a crime problem Wednesday, not a gun problem.

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