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A modest proposal: Trade Leftists wanting socialism for Hong Kong protesters wanting Liberty



A modest proposal Trade Leftists wanting socialism for Hong Kong protesters wanting Liberty

A win for all sides, the protesters can live freely with the right of self-defense, while leftists can live under socialist oppression.

There is a very dangerous situation brewing in Hong Kong. Many of the citizens there desperately want Liberty and the basic human right of self-defense. Meanwhile the Authoritarian  ‘Socialism with Chinese characteristics’ government wants to bring its iron fist down on these unarmed people who have made some basic demands for Liberty.

Not to make light of this dire situation, but there seems to be an obvious solution to this intractable problem. Simply swap those Leftists of the states that are demanding to live under socialistic slavery for those in Hong Kong who desire Liberty.

It would be a win-win for all sides; those from Hong Kong could finally live in freedom. Leftists could finally live under the oppressive boot of collectivism that they so much want for the states – as long as they are in charge. The ‘Socialism with Chinese characteristics’ totalitarian government would be rid of those who want Liberty to be replaced with Leftists from the states that are clamoring for the societal slavery of socialism

The protesters want the basic human right of self-defense, Leftists want the people disarmed.

Leftists seem to be oh so afraid of guns in the hands of Pro-Liberty patriots while being enamored with a socialist government with overwhelming firepower, so this would be a perfect opportunity to experience the government having a monopoly on the use of force. Meanwhile the good people of Hong Kong know all too well the mismatch of a totalitarian government with guns against unarmed crowds. Leftists could feel safe with government guns pointed at them, while the protesters would be able to defend themselves.

The protesters proudly display the symbols of Liberty, Leftists burn them.

The people of Hong Kong already know about the value of Liberty and the symbolism of the US flag and national anthem. Videos have shown them proudly singing the Star-Spangled Banner while standing up for it’s true meaning.

Contrast this with Leftists who only see the concepts of Liberty and democracy as a means to attain totalitarian power over the people. Never mind that they would rather kneel for the national anthem or burn the flag.

Being facetious to prove a point.

While is may seem that we are being insensitively factious, it’s to prove a very important point. The good people of Hong Kong know the true meaning of Liberty since it is under threat. The Left does not because they are the threat to Liberty.

Only those who have lived under oppression can fully appreciate the absence of Liberty. Leftist have the misguided notion that they will be the one’s in charge of the oppression or they think that giving the government absolute power will work out okay because they wish it to be so. They are also hoping to loot their fellow countrymen for all kinds of goodies, but no one is supposed to talk about that.

The Bottom-Line.

No matter what happens, the desperate situation in Hong Kong, Venezuela and other places under socialist national oppression should be a glaring abject lesson for the Left. Socialism always turns out this way because it is the nature of the beast. A system built on oppression only has one option when the grandiose promises cannot be fulfilled. That is the lesson for the Leftists and why socialism must be avoided at all costs.

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