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Meet Zach Vorhies, the Google whistleblower who exposed their anti-conservative bias



Zach Vorhies took a great risk, perhaps greater than he even knew. He chose to take on the giant among tech giants, the biggest fish in the large pond of digital information delivery. He was a senior software engineer at Google who turned into a whistleblower of arguably the most important cache of internal documents ever released about the company.

But they caught him. Despite taking extreme precautions to hide his identity as he was revealing what he found to Project Veritas, it didn’t take long for Google to find him and start threatening him with demands for every computer, phone, and hard drive he owned. After acknowledging that he had the “smoking gun” internal documents that details Google’s policies, political leanings, and strategies to manipulate America, he warned them that he had established a “dead-man’s switch” which would trigger the release of the 950-pages of documents he had acquired if anything were to happen to him.

This compelled a scare tactic we wouldn’t normally associate with a tech company like Google: Having law enforcement shake him down. San Francisco PD verified to Project Veritas that Vorhies was called on for a “wellness check,” under which he was apprehended and screened for mental health issues that could make him a danger to himself or others. Ironically, this is not unlike so-called red flag gun laws, only Vorhies didn’t have his property forcefully confiscated.

Now, he has gone public. The documents were delivered to the Department of Justice. Project Veritas has revealed his identity and released the documents to the public. But it wasn’t an easy road that brought Vorhies to where he is today. Despite having a good-paying job of prestige and respect, he chose the need for the American people to know the truth instead of his own best interest.

“I always thought that when the time came to do the right thing in a big way, that I would always be the one that stood up and did the right thing,” Vorhies told Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe. “And I got tested because I was making a lot of money at Google.”

In the trove of data are things Google clearly wouldn’t want to be known by the general public. One part of the leak was a blacklist of sites that would never appear in Google Now, their quick reference recommendation engine. Google has denied having such a list. It includes sites belonging to Glenn Beck, Megan Kelly, and Steven Crowder. It’s telling that the list is made up of essentially two types of sites: conservative news sites and torrent sites for illegal downloads. That Google equates conservatives with digital thieves is funny.

But Vorhies didn’t simply dump documents and go back to work. He knew going in he would lose his job, but he believed it was more important for Americans to know the truth even if it meant changing his own quality of life.

“My yearly income from Google was $260,000, okay, once you factored in the stock. So I had every incentive in the world to stay at the company and just collect the paycheck,” he continued. “I know that’s the decision most other people would make, just to collect the paycheck, but I could never live with myself knowing that if Google was able to implement the plans that they were planning that I, at the moment of choice, backed out because I was selfish… I didn’t want to have that on my conscience.”

Another motivating factor for Vorhies was something many conservatives already know: Google is trying to have the best of both worlds. They want the protections given to them as a platform, but they also want the freedom to drive a particular narrative like a publisher. In the eyes of the law, a company cannot be both a platform and a publisher. If they’re a platform, they must not be biased in how news is delivered on their platform based on political ideology. If they’re a publisher, they’re liable for every piece of content shared on their sites and apps.

Vorhies noted that this wasn’t just about taking down Google or keeping the general public informed. This was an act of atonement; he participated in their nefarious deeds.

“I felt guilty and, you know, people are like ‘well, you’re brave.’ It’s like the feeling that I participated in what they were doing was actually worse,” Vorhies told O’Keefe. “I feel that when I’m coming and explaining that Google was doing this, it’s an act of atonement, okay, to make my conscience clear.

“If I didn’t do this then I’d have to live with myself for the rest of my life. People aren’t going to understand what I’m talking about until they see the documents because it’s really that bad. You know, they can stop, like, one or two of us but they can’t stop all of us coming out and explaining to the American public that this is what’s happening, that Google is not who they say they are.”

Now that Vorhies is out in public as the known whistleblower, will mainstream media talk about it? No. They have an agenda to push, and Vorhies’s story doesn’t jibe with their approved progressive narrative. The real narrative is hard to find in media, but we’re doing everything we can and we could use some help with that.

Zach Vorhies and his leaked documents make it blatantly clear Google is acting to suppress conservatives and influence the 2020 election. But it’s worse than that. They’ve become the digital thought police. Will legacy media cover this bombshell?

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