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Curt Schilling should run for Senate, not House



Curt Schilling should run for Senate not House

The honest open pondering of future Hall of Fame pitcher, Curt Schilling, about the desire to run for Congress got the attention of social media. And to much amazement, Curt Schilling got the preeminent thumbs up from President Trump for a run for Congress. Aside from being an elite level pitcher in Major League Baseball, Curt Schilling is a well known Conservative public figure who was fired from ESPN for being a Conservative. He has also been an advocate for special needs children. His name ID in Arizona would make him a formidable primary candidate. And this is why we should act on the interpretation that “Congress” encompasses both House and Senate in Trump’s endorsement tweet.

But wait, that would mean he would be running for a seat that a Republican holds? That’s the point. Martha McSally is and always has been a blatant RINO. She ran for Senate under the impression that she would lose her House seat. She lost the race against a candidate who ran a horrible campaign, and she is probably to the left of Kyrsten Sinema.

Conservatives in Arizona have been craving an opportunity to elect a Conservative Senator. The ambition is there. They mounted high profile campaigns against McCain. They thought they had won with Jeff Flake, and were ready to primary him again. But the Arizona primary started out with Kelli Ward launching a formidable second attempt, but it seems that the Establishment GOP propped up Sheriff Joe Apraio to split the Conservative vote, paving the way for Martha McSally.

Curt Schilling has a chance to defy this trend, and be the most Conservative Senator the state has seen since who knows. With media connections with BlazeTv, Fox News, and the habit of Conservatives to prop up far lesser celebrities, its foolish to dismiss the notion that Curt Schilling would successfully primary Martha McSally. The recipe for a successful primary is there.

Part of the American Conservative Movement is identifying and promoting Conservative candidates in races all across the country at various levels of government. Curt Schilling is an ideal candidate for the aforementioned reasons. If you are a Conservative candidate and running for office, contact us with the form below.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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