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Did AOC launch the next political satire jockey in David Portnoy?



Did AOC launch the next political satire jockey in David Portnoy

At first glance of his Tweets or after hearing snippets of him talk, David Portnoy, founder of Barstool Sports, is a misogynistic, abusive, condescending pig who treats his employees like dirt and may have broken the law by threatening to fire them if they attempt to unionize. Upon further review, it’s clear he’s a funny, often-times charming self-made businessman taking advantage of a golden marketing opportunity thanks to Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Admittedly, I do not know much about him. In fact, I hadn’t heard about him until his mix-up with the freshman Congresswoman. She had decided to speak out on Twitter against one of his anti-union Tweets, one that was clearly satire though somehow many are still claiming he broke the law by “intimidating” his employees. Nevertheless, the left pounced and turned him into their #1 enemy for the lifespan of a few hashtags. Now, Portnoy is cashing in on increased awareness of his presence.

When I first explored his content, I thought, “OMG, this guy…” But when I realized his rhetoric was so over-the-top it must be satire, I thought of Steven Crowder, John Stewart, Tucker Carlson, Howard Stern, and other media personalities who have made their mark through satire that offends those on the opposite side of the political aisle while bringing cheers (and often groans) from their own political allies.

Some are calling him a conservative because of his staunch anti-labor stance. But from what I can tell he is apolitical, and that’s probably the best news yet regarding him. But he’s willing to get political against AOC; he has challenged her to a debate.

Fox Business put on a panel that decided to debate the legalities of his satire. It’s funny because it seems some of them are as confused as AOC when it comes to the way Portnoy portrayed his anti-union stance.

His posts are actually quite humorous. I’m not a big fan of his site’s infatuation with scantily clad women, but then again I’m not their target audience. But in a society that is growing increasingly sensitive to “chauvinists” while being completely confused about how to handle gender, it’s refreshing to see a man’s site that appeals to… men. As for his rhetoric, it’s hilariously offensive. Here are a few examples from the last couple of days alone:

In her infinite wisdom, AOC shined a spotlight on someone who knew how to handle it. Now, Portnoy is basking in the attention as his star rises. Meanwhile, AOC is trying to figure out how best to avoid debating him.

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