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Google exposed: Insider delivers proof of manipulation to DOJ before coming out publicly Wednesday



Google exposed Insider delivers proof of manipulation to DOJ before coming out publicly Wednesday

Update: Zach Vorhies has gone public.

Original Story:

Big tech is against conservatism, Republicans, and President Trump. Any argument from companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter that they’re not biased and actively using their platforms to prepare to sway the 2020 election is disingenuous. They do not want the “mistake” of 2016 to be repeated and they’re willing to go to great measures to keep it from happening.

But conservatives are fighting back. We’re exposing the truth and trying to get the word out to the people that their perspectives are being manipulate by the tech giants whose products they use constantly. Organizations like Project Veritas, journalists like Sara Carter, and patriots across the nation are leading the rebellion against the companies who have embedded themselves into the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans.

Now, one heroic whistleblower has taken on the Google juggernaut to reveal how they’re attempting to subvert our constitutional republic by misleading voters into making decisions based on a radical progressive ideology. This patriot, whose identity is set to be revealed tomorrow by Project Veritas, has delivered 950-pages of documents that demonstrate the system by which Google intends to hack the election.

The search giant’s control over what we search and what we find online is undeniably powerful when it comes to shifting perspectives. Hearts and minds can be changed based on the various propaganda and indoctrination tools available to Google. The documents now in the hands of the Department of Justice’s Antitrust division will hopefully prove to be useful as DC inserts itself into the battle against tech giant voter manipulation.

According to Sara Carter:

Exclusive: Google Insider Turns Over 950 Pages Of Docs And Laptop To DOJ

He told this reporter on his recent trip to Washington D.C. that the documents he turned over to the Justice Department will provide proof that Google has been manipulating the algorithms and the evidence of how it was done, the insider said.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai told the House Judiciary Committee in December, 2018, that the search engine was not biased against conservatives. Pichai explained what algorithm’s are said Google’s algorithm was not offensive to conservatives because its artificial intelligence does not operate in that manner. He told lawmakers, “things like relevance, freshness, popularity, how other people are using it” are what drives the search results. Pichai said even if his programmers were anti-Republican, the process is so intricate that the artificial intelligence could not be manipulated and it was to complicated to train the algorithm to fit their bias.

Coming out to the public is an important step for the credibility of the whistleblower as the accusations are extremely disturbing. Alphabet, Google’s parent company, employs nearly 100,000 people. It will be beneficial for Americans to have a name and a face associated with the revelations about Google’s biased practices. The Google insider is coming out of the shadows Wednesday.

We mustn’t rely on DC to fight big tech’s anti-conservative bias alone. Patriots like Sara Carter, the folks at Project Veritas, and the Google insider coming out of the shadows tomorrow are leading the fight for American citizens against tech tyranny.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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