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Fredo, Epstein, and the distractions that keep us off track



Fredo Epstein and the distractions that keep us off track

Gun control is around the corner. Hong Kong is about to be a bloodbath. The border crisis is getting worse despite “good” news recently. Europe is about to start labeling anything made in Israel. Modern monetary theory grows as a “viable” option in the minds of radical progressives. North Korea continues firing missiles. Big tech is preparing to steal the 2020 election for Democrats. Insanely progressive curricula are being used to indoctrinate our children.

But the news cycle, social media, and discussion around the water cooler are all focused on Chris “Fredo” Cuomo and Jeffrey Epstein‘s “suicide.”

I get it. Heck, I participated in it with stories on this site. But in the whole scheme of things, Chris Cuomo is an insignificant bug. The investigation into Jeffrey Epstein’s death will be investigated whether we’re paying attention to it or not. There is no reason for these two items to be so dominant in the minds of Americans when we have actual impending disasters and real-world problems that should be our focus.

It happens all the time. Something interesting makes the news and distracts us from things that are important. This celebrity is dating that celebrity. This athlete took a knee. Russia, Russia, Russia. There always seems to be something designed to distract us from things that are truly important, things that are meaningful in our lives.

This isn’t a new phenomenon. Perhaps it has been amplified by the rise of social media as hashtags direct our attentions to things that seem newsworthy but in reality are mere distractions. But it has always been standard operating procedure by the powers that be that any news they don’t want you to notice is covered up by “bigger” news on the irrelevant front. They make it seem relevant; one might believe talking about Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged suicide is important because there are lawmakers past and present who can be implicated. In reality, our attention to the matter will make absolutely zero difference into how the investigation pans out. We can start hashtags, scream about conspiracy theories, and point fingers at Bill Clinton, but none of it makes a difference.

On the other hand, setting our sights on important issues and spreading the word CAN make a real difference. As the President and Republican lawmakers promote gun control, our voice can help to not only inform them of our desires but change the hearts and minds of conservatives who are softening to the idea of “common sense” measures. Keeping our attention on Hong Kong and raising awareness of what China might be about to do can influence people on both sides of the protests. Countering the lies being told about the border crisis helps in the fight against open borders.

These and other real issues are the things we should be talking about. Like I said, it’s natural to throw in two cents whenever news like Cuomo’s breakdown or Epstein’s death hits the news. But as a society, we have a tendency to continue discussing matters of limited importance for way too long. We need to stay the course and keep attention pinned to the important issues. Doing so is why it’s important for patriots to support NOQ Report with donations. We may deviate from what’s really important from time to time, but our focus is on bringing real news and opinions that can make an impact on Americans and our nation.

News happens. People react. Some of it’s important, and some is ephemeral. As Americans in general and journalists in particular, we pledge to keep our attention on the things that truly matter. Will you do the same?

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