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Insane California public school curriculum pushes further from the truth



Who benefits from capitalism? All Americans. Which races are harmed the most by capitalism? None, because capitalism has absolutely, positively nothing to do with race. But this is just one of many changes to public school curricula in progressive California.

It’s as if they’ve bought in wholly to the notion that we must create a post-truth society and they’re willing to do so in their huge state. Unfortunately, as California goes, so too does much of the rest of the country. Left-leaning states watch California and follow their lead when it comes to policies and this public education curriculum is no exception.

One America News and Heritage Foundation’s Mary Clare Amselem took on the issue and got to the facts about the untenable practices being used to impose a radical progressive indoctrination onto the children of California. It’s just the latest example of complete leftist lunacy taking over.

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