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‘Fredo’ is a pejorative, not a racial slur



Fredo is a pejorative not a racial slur

It’s ironic that I call my brother “Fredo” all the time. We’re not Italian, but the intent of my label is that even though he’s my older brother, I’m the one he always has to turn to for help. Like the relationship between Michael Corleone and his older brother Fredo in the first two The Godfather movies, my relationship with my brother is often contentious but loving.

Thankfully, he hasn’t helped put a hit on me yet.

I’ve heard the term “Fredo” being used by people for years. At no time did I consider it to be a racial slur. A pejorative, yes. He’s the weakest of the three Corleone brothers, the one who never had a chance in the mafia life he was born into. When you call someone “Fredo” you’re making fun of them.

Video of CNN anchor Chris Cuomo going off on someone who called him Fredo has gone mega-viral on social media. Everyone’s talking about it, and unfortunately many are backing the contention Cuomo makes that the name was being used as a racial slur. It was so bad in Cuomo’s eyes that he attempted to provoke a physical altercation over it. Keep in mind, this is the same person who has called Trump supporters “unhinged.”

With some exceptions, many on the right are against the notion that “Fredo” is like “the n-word” to Italians, especially considering how aggressive Cuomo got over it all.

But arguably the best take on it so far was from Curtis Houck at NewsBusters. Read this whole thread:

Cuomo was unhinged, but that’s not to say he wasn’t justified. However, he took it too far, and comparing the name “Fredo” to “the n-word” is over the top. If anything, it’s an insult to those who suffer through real racism. Cuomo does not.

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