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Archaeologists discover remnants of Babylonian conquest of Jerusalem



Archaeologists discover remnants of Babylonian conquest of Jerusalem

One of the biggest complaints of skeptics to the historical accuracy of the Bible is that there is no evidence that the events actually took place. But year after year, archaeologists make new discoveries in the region that invariably point to the veracity of the Bible from a historical perspective.

Nevertheless, they continue to balk and move the goalpost.

A new discovery outside of Jerusalem seems to indicate very strongly that the siege of Jerusalem by the armies of Babylon in the 6th century BC as told in the Old Testament did take place. It’s the first indication that Jerusalem burned around the time, that the wealth of the city was looted, and that the Babylonian Empire was behind it.

The finds include Babylonian arrowheads from the time period associated with the attack as well as other standard items like pots and stoneware, but the most compelling evidence found was gold jewelry in the ash layer, signifying it was lost in the midst of a great battle.

“For archaeologists, an ashen layer can mean a number of different things,” Shimon Gibson, co-director of the university’s Mount Zion archaeological project, told CNN. “It could be ashy deposits removed from ovens; or it could be localized burning of garbage.

“However, in this case, the combination of an ashy layer full of artifacts, mixed with arrowheads, and a very special ornament indicates some kind of devastation and destruction. Nobody abandons golden jewelry and nobody has arrowheads in their domestic refuse.”

This discovery lends to the belief that the Bible is an accurate historical document, whether people choose to believe in the spiritual component or not. But arguments that the Bible is false because events didn’t happen are fading every day.

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