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Thoughts, but more importantly prayers, are exactly what we need right now



Thoughts but more importantly prayers are exactly what we need right now

There are many variations of a new mantra that has popped up on social media in recent years that progressives love to use following any tragedy. It goes something like this: “We need more than your thoughts and prayers. We need action.”

Some variations are much more derogatory. No need to highlight them here.

But there’s a reality that’s being ignored, even by conservatives and Christians who are often the ones posting their “thoughts and prayers” on social media sites. The reality is that thoughts and prayers are exactly what this country needs right now. As the creeping lawlessness of the nation rises, we need more people sending positive thoughts. But more importantly we need deeper thoughts, as in intellectual attempts to find proper solutions to the various problems that plague us, to reach the forefront instead of the reactionary, emotional contempt being spewed by both sides towards each other.

Thoughts are important, but as a nation, our greatest strength has always been our faith. But that faith seems to be waning in modern day America. Not only are other religious practices becoming more prominent, but secular religious ideas like atheism and transhumanism are replacing the Judeo-Christian principles upon which our nation was built.

We need more prayer and we need it badly. We need people to pray for the nation, for healing, and for forgiveness of sins that we all have and that perpetuate the growing evils in our society. Sometimes, those sins are blatant as we embrace anti-Biblical worldviews for the sake of staving off accusations of bigotry or intolerance. Other times, those sins are passive; inaction in the face of attacks on the Bible is an active choice.

The country and the world are in a state where we can (or at least should) finally acknowledge that our own control over what’s happening has been an illusion all along. There are principalities and powers stacked against us, rulers in high places who want nothing more than to pit man against man and thereby man against the image of God.

Current efforts to stop the rash of mass shootings is a perfect example of the delusion that’s spreading. That’s not to say we can’t do anything about them, but the only solution that would put an end to gun violence in America is to have every firearm in circulation, both legally and illegally, removed and destroyed. This is impossible; there are more guns than there are Americans. It would also be ill advised as the only thing that keeps government in check is an armed citizenry. If you think laws work because of the benevolence of government and not because the citizens have always been the equalizer preventing an oppressive authoritarian regime from taking over, then you haven’t read your history books.

The only thing that can truly stop mass shootings if intervention from the divine. We do not know what God has planned for America, but we do know we can ask Him for mercy and protection. Just as Daniel prayed for Israel, so too should we pray for His will to be done in America.

As humans in general and Americans in particular, we are bent on establishing actions when tragedies strike. But these actions should not supersede prayer, which is something we should be doing constantly, recent tragedy or not.

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