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President Tweet’s Epstein conspiracy theories, as he should



President Tweets Epstein conspiracy theories as he should

Over the past three years, I’ve had concerns that the President’s Tweeting habits could lead to unintended consequences. We’ve seen a few instances of this, but there have been fewer Twitter mishaps than I would have expected. Following Jeffrey Epstein’s reported suicide, the President has retweeted two posts that seem to lend credence to the conspiracy theory that Epstein was actually murdered.

Any time the President retweets a conspiracy theory, I would expect to cringe. But in this case, I’m perfectly fine with it and you should be as well. After all, the circumstances surrounding Epstein’s connections to powerful Democrats, including Bill Clinton, make anyone concerned about the validity of the official reports perfectly validated. That includes the President.

Jeffrey Epstein was a monster, but a monster who had friends in high places. It seems likely based on what we know, including depositions from at least one of his alleged victims, that Epstein forced teen girls to have sex with powerful men. This, along with the history of strange circumstances surrounding deaths of people who allegedly had dirt on the Clinton’s, means this particular conspiracy theory is one that deserves to be explored further.

The President retweeted two posts that lend credence to this idea.

As conspiracy theories go, this is one that’s very believable.

Of course. legacy media and the Democrats are going to dismiss and bury the whole story as quickly as possible. And as soon as mainstream personalities stop talking about it, they’ll try to equate this to Pizzagate and flat earth theory.

This truly is an odd circumstance. It was set up perfectly by his allegedly failed suicide attempt. Now, there are reports that cameras malfunctioned making it impossible to see Epstein’s suicide. This is uncorroborated, and there will be so many false conspiracy theories floated in the coming days. Many of them will actually be circulated by those who want to dismiss the whole thing; it’s a common technique used by those who want attention to be drawn away from valid conspiracies.

We know he was inexplicably taken off suicide watch.

There are too many false conspiracy theories out there already, but some of the ones surrounding Epstein and his connection to Democrats, particularly Bill Clinton, should draw major investigations. This one can’t be buried.

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