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Media reports illegal immigrants are afraid. This fear is necessary to end the border crisis.



The only way the border crisis is going to end is if the masses of migrants wanting to enter our country illegally are given reason to believe they will not be allowed to stay here if they breach our sovereign borders. One way to do it is through fixing our asylum laws, but that’s not going to happen until Democrats lose their majority in the House of Representatives in 2021. In the meantime, the best deterrent is fear that even if they can make into the United States, they have a likelihood of being apprehended and deported.

This is why the ICE raids this week that netted 680 apprehensions was such a positive thing. It send the message that we will not allow people to stay in this country illegally indefinitely. But this runs contrary to the Democratic narrative of open borders that has been telling potential migrants as long as they can get here and claim asylum, they won’t need to actually prove they need asylum. They can skip their hearing and disappear into the interior without worrying about ICE even looking for them.

But this isn’t true. At least, it’s starting to not be as true as it has been in the past. President Trump has called on ICE to conduct raids of those who have been adjudicated and are set for deportation. So far, this week’s Mississippi raids have been the only major victory for border security, but it gives us hope that more will come. It also strikes fear in the hearts of many who are here illegally, but progressive legacy media is trying to paint this as a bad thing.

It’s not. They need to know we will enforce our laws. There’s nothing racist about expecting people to enter the country legally and maintain their legal status through the very generous provisions our laws have set forth. If someone wants to claim asylum, they can. And at their hearing, they’ll be given an opportunity to demonstrate why they need to remain in the United States. But if they choose not to attend their hearing, and 90% of new migrants have been making this choice, then they will be instantly set for removal.

CNN and other progressive news outlets have been running story after story telling of children pleading for the release of their fathers, wives not sure what they’re going to do, and released illegal immigrants who are now living in fear. Here’s the problem with all of these stories. They made choices. In the case of the children, their parents made choices for them. They could have come here legally and would not have to worry about ICE. But because they chose to break our laws as their first act on American soil, and then chose to do nothing that would allow them to stay here legally, they are set for deportation.

Stories like this should not draw your sympathy:

CNN Illegal Immigration Coverage

Keep in mind, there is nothing wrong with immigrants. Those who enter legally are welcome and necessary in America. The left tries to say conservatives are against immigration, which is a lie. We’re against illegal immigration. There’s a difference.

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