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Justice Department releases Bruce Ohr’s interview records



After much effort by Judicial Watch and others to get the Justice Department to release crucial information regarding Bruce Ohr, Christipher Steele, and the investigations into Russian hacking as well as the Trump campaign’s involvement, a partial release has finally come out. It’s even more damaging than most anticipated.

There’s a lot going on here that needs to be decompressed, but the biggest takeaway still surrounds Bruce Ohr’s continued involvement well after the President was elected when he should never have been involved in the case at all. He had a conflict of interests; his wife worked for the firm that was commissioned by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC for opposition research. For him to be so actively involved for so long in the various investigations is absolutely unheard of in law enforcement circles.

Despite Ohr’s inappropriate involvement, the focus is still on the use of the Steele Dossier as a source for probable cause in the FISA warrants long after they had been deemed unreliable. It’s the legal equivalent of begging the question; they needed to prove the Trump campaign was involved in collusion so they declared the Trump campaign was involved in collusion through a fictional dossier that had already been debunked but was given false credibility because it was leaked to the press.

This isn’t the last we’re going to hear on this issue. As more information is brought to light, the pieces in the investigation of the investigators will fall into place. There are several people involved in the Russia investigation who are worried right now.

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