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Gun control: Every inch McConnell gives to Democrats will become miles



Gun control Every inch McConnell gives to Democrats will become miles

If you don’t want gun confiscations to start en masse in the United States, stop supporting “common sense gun control” proposals such as universal background checks, “assault weapons” bans, and red flag gun laws. Just stop. Period.

Following last weekends double mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, the GOP is doing what Democrats are known for: Reacting emotionally and in contradiction to the facts. Gun control laws are suddenly kosher for many Republican lawmakers when a week ago they were anathema. The sudden shift is not as sudden as one might believe, though. There has been an creeping appreciation of gun control proposals among Republican lawmakers for some time, but the conservative holdouts forced them to stifle their leanings.

Apparently, the call of conservatism is no longer beckoning many Republicans in Washington DC, including and especially Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who is suddenly open to hearing what Democrats have to say on the issue.

Here’s the biggest problem with that. It won’t work. It won’t suffice them. If McConnell brings the “bipartisan” House gun control bill to the Senate and it passes, there will not be cheers in the streets from the radical progressives who dominate the news cycle and dictate the direction of the Democratic Party. Instead, they will scoff at the insufficient attempt to keep the people safe. They will use any instance of bending on the part of the GOP as a rallying cry to attack harder, scream louder, and demand more.

Our 2nd Amendment rights are under attack and the Republican Party is supposed to be the barrier that prevents Nazi-style socialist principles on an armed citizenry from rearing its ugly head in America. But for every universal background check that gets passed and fails, the socialists will demand stricter measures to keep guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens. For every “assault weapons” ban Congress enacts, the socialists will find reasons to include more guns in the category. For every red flag gun law that goes into effect, the socialists will work to expand the criteria in which someone can have law enforcement confiscate firearms in their pre-cognitive law enforcement utopia.

America does not have too few gun laws. We have many that are not being enforced properly and others that were doomed to do nothing but harm law abiding citizens. We can’t give the left an inch, because they mile they take will end the 2nd Amendment.

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