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In two Tweets, President Trump reveals why he’ll be reelected



In two Tweets President Trump reveals why hell be reelected

On the surface, the prospects are very bleak for Republicans in 2020. Big tech and legacy media are unified in their battle against the President and his party, and both wield unfathomable influence over the American people. If Google, Facebook, Twitter, CNN, NY Times, Washington Post, MSNBC, and most smaller players in tech and media are against him, how could he possibly come out with a victory? It’s like David versus Goliath, his four brothers, and two dozen other slightly small giants bent on killing him.

But I’m not worried. It appears neither is President Trump. Most Republican lawmakers are worried because they live in the DC echo chamber that tells them the world is against them. This is why they’re caving on gun control, big budgets, and other issues that go against their conservative calling. One might point out, “But Trump is for big budgets and gun control as well!” Yes, he is. And he’s always been. He may be a defender of the 2nd Amendment, but he’s been consistent for decades in his support for background checks and assault weapons bans. Since becoming President, he’s added bump stock bans and red flag gun laws to his repertoire. I disagree with all of these, but I don’t blame him for being consistent. He’s a populist. He has never claimed the full-blown conservative mantle as a purist, unlike many of the Republicans who are changing their perspectives for the sake of political expediency.

Thankfully for the Republicans, their counterparts on the Democratic side have gone so far off the deep end, they aren’t in the same ballpark as being a consideration just because many Republicans are getting weak on their values. We’re working on bringing conservatism back to the Republican Party through the American Conservative Movement, but we won’t do so in a way that will get Democrats elected.  We’ll help conservatives primary RINOs. We’ll focus on making sure vulnerable true conservatives win their general elections. And, we’re going to help make sure President Trump is not replaced by one of the socialists or socialists-lite who are running for President on the Democratic side.

Like I said before, I’m not too worried about the President’s reelection chances. To understand this, just check out two of his recent Tweets:

One might wonder what Tim O’Brien, Brian Williams, or other “experts on ‘Trump'” have to do with his reelection campaign. Individually, they mean nothing. But as a group, the progressive legacy media is shooting itself in its collective feet. We saw how they were doing this yesterday when the NY Times buckled to pressure from the left over a factual headline. I framed it as a threat and it definitely is, but tonight I was given a burst of clarity and hope. I see now that leftist media has made a fatal mistake by being 24/7, 100% opposed to the President.

They have become the self-fulfilling prophecy of “fake news.” Everything President Trump said about them, they’ve become. One can argue that not all coverage of candidate Trump was negative in 2016, especially before the end of primary season. But even with most stories attacking him, there were still a significant number from legacy media sources that treated him fairly. Most of these came based on a false sense of security that he would lose. They felt compelled to salvage their credibility by dropping examples that they could point to and say, “See, we didn’t bash Trump all the time.”

In this election cycle, they’re not making the same mistake. Every Tweet, Facebook snippet, article, video, news report, editorial, column, interview, and sneeze will be completely against the President and his party going forward. They will not take any chances. They’re going all-in for the Democrats knowing their credibility has already been lost, so why even pretend to be fair or unbiased? No half-measures, they’re saying among themselves. It’s war.

One might wonder how this can give me clarity and hope. The answer is simple. Anyone who would vote for Harvey Weinstein over President Trump, a group that I’d estimate at around a third of the electorate, is not going to be made to hate Trump any more than they do. Anyone who would vote for Trump even if video came out of him with Russian prostitutes partying in Moscow, which I’d estimate at around a third of the electorate, wouldn’t be watching CNN, let alone believing anything they said.

That leaves around a third who lean left, lean right, or are truly in the middle and open to be influenced one way or the other. These are the Democrats who are truly concerned about Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, or Elizabeth Warren bringing anti-capitalistic principles and unprecedented government control into our lives. These are the Republicans who would consider Joe Biden or Steve Bullock as long as they didn’t propose things that were too radical. These are the independents who probably aren’t even paying much attention at this early stage in the race.

What will these all-important voters see from legacy media? Repetition. 24/7, 100% anti-Trump sentiment. Twisting, jamming, unfair propaganda. In other words, they are just as likely to be swayed towards voting for President Trump as they are of being swayed away from him based on the reporting of legacy media. It all depends on the individual’s ability to discern; are they suckers or are they the type who would notice the unambiguous bias?

To put it bluntly, progressive legacy media is firing blanks, which is essentially what the President said in his Tweet.

But that leaves big tech. They’re more clever than legacy media. They live in the shadows. The devil is in the algorithms, which are man-made and leftist-influenced. They pose a different challenge. And guess who gets to fight them…



Conservative journalists.

The purveyors of truth.

You see it with PragerU, Project Veritas, and the many right-leaning news outlets working hard to bring the truth to light. You see it with my team here at NOQ Report, who work tirelessly with no reward other than knowing we’re fighting the good fight.

It’s our responsibility to tell every American that big tech is putting their huge thumbs on the scales to tip them in favor of the Democrats. We’re doing the investigation, testing our theories, and reporting the truth to the people.

Between legacy media’s foolish adherence to pure anti-Trumpism and conservative media’s exposing reports about big tech, the President should win reelection easily. Moreover, the GOP should build on their majority in the Senate and win back the House. On top of that, we should make up lost ground in governors’ mansions, mayors’ offices, state legislatures, and city councils. All of this is possible as long as we work together towards the cause.

We are not a non-profit or a PAC. But we are crowdfunded and dependent on the generosity of our readers. And based on our mission, I firmly believe that donations made to NOQ Report are more influential dollar-for-dollar than donations made to Republican campaigns. Money donated to us helps bring the truth to more Americans, and if there’s anything the GOP needs right now, it’s for Americans to know the truth.

This isn’t false confidence in our election prospects. This is earnest belief that if we do this right and focus solely on the truth, voters will see through the lies from the left and make 2020 a landslide victory across the board.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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