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Pray for those who attack you for your faith



Pray for those who attack you for your faith

I have a ton of respect for patient people. I’m not one of them. I have even more respect for those who can do as the Bible commands and turn the other cheek. This has been a struggle for me for decades, as my initial instinct to getting slapped is to slap right back, only harder.

But in recent years, social media has taught me both patience and instant forgiveness. It wasn’t reading Bible verses or watching videos posted on sites like Twitter or Facebook that changed me. It was the attacks, the incessant insults by those who see something I post that they disagree with, rush to read my profile description, and then cast ad hominem attacks against me and my faith. Here’s the unexpected part. It has always been the most heinous attacks, ones that scream blasphemous contempt towards the God of the Bible who I worship, that really changed my heart.

It’s oddly shocking when you realize that someone who is conversing with you in such a hideous manner is likely to spend eternity gnashing their teeth and regretting their life choices. It makes me truly, deeply sad for them. This is strange because I don’t usually feel this way towards people I know personally who I believe to be atheists or believers in false religions. Perhaps it’s because I don’t get to hear the hatred in their heart the way I do on social media. I’ve never had anyone attack me directly for my faith in person. It’s always in writing behind the anonymity of social media, comments, or email.

Tonight, I said a short prayer for those who have attacked Him in response to my social media posts. It was quick but personal; I realize that I may not be the cause of their delusion, but I feel obligated to take some responsibility nonetheless.

There is so much anger in the world. Christians are not immune to it. But with guidance from the Holy Spirit, we can overcome this anger and see the poor souls that interact with us for what they really are: Fellow humans who need help.

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