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Why is the media covering up the Leftism of the El Paso mass murderer?



Why is the media covering up the Leftism of the El Paso mass murderer

The El Paso mass murderer is on the collectivist-Left. Why is the national socialist media covering that up?

Leftists love to play word games when it comes to the sinister characters on their side of the political aisle. They will endlessly repeat lies that a socialist workers’ party wasn’t actually a socialist workers’ party when that is clearly the case. Quite often, they will project their maladies on others to confuse the issue and absolve them of the issue such as a fascist cabal labeling themselves an ‘antifa’.

They also love to use assertions that imply something is true when it is woefully un-provable. An example being the supporter or voter ruse, making the claim that a certain group is ‘right wing’ because it was supposedly supported by those on the right. In actuality, there is no way of proving this either way.

In point of fact, examining a person or group’s words or deeds are the only way of determining their political ideology. Such is the case with the two mass murdering miscreants of recent days (note that we’re not going to use their names). Analyzing the words of both prove they were on the Left of the political spectrum.

Please note that there are those who doubt the authenticity of the screed of the mass murdering miscreant with confusing talk of where or when it was posted. However, this article details when and where it was posted, with accompanying documentation that shows it was posted just before the tragedy. Since this was quite some time before its name was released, it would have been next to impossible for it to have been faked.

BlazeTV Looked at the words from the El Paso mass murderer.

In the video, Jason Buttrill makes the very salient point at approximately the 6:28 min mark that murders words in its ‘manifesto’ are Left-wing talking points. That there is nothing conservative about it, that when they say ‘alt-right’ they mean the alternative to the right. They are not Conservatives, they are socialists or collectivists by nature, Identitarians by nature.

The national socialist media are clearly trying to avoid discussing those parts, instead they are selectively informing the public, incessantly focusing on only certain phrases to create a certain impression.

The Crime Prevention Research Center also analysed the words of the El Paso mass murder.

What does the El Paso WalMart killer’s manifesto show?

The killer’s manifesto made a couple of things clear.

1. He is a racist who identifies with the Christchurch shooter. The New Zealand killer was a socialist/environmentalist.
2. The El Paso killer is also an environmentalist. His environmentalism is also the basis for his racism and anti-immigrant views: “Our lifestyle is destroying the environment of our country. The decimation of the environment is creating a massive burden for future generations. Corporations are heading the destruction of our environment by shamelessly overharvesting resources. This has been a problem for decades. . . . Urban sprawl creates inefficient cities which unnecessarily destroys millions of acres of land. . . . Corporations that also like immigration because more people means a bigger market for their products. . . . So the next logical step is to decrease the number of people in America using resources. If we can get rid of enough people, then our way of life can become more sustainable.”
3. The El Paso Walmart killer hates companies and technological change such as automation, but he seems to support at least some Republicans.
4. “Recently, the senate under a REPUBLICAN administration has greatly increased the number of foreign workers that will take American jobs. Remember that both Democrats and Republicans support immigration and work visas.”

[Emphasis added]

While it may have supported some Republicans, it clearly leaned to the Socialist-Left. Also note that it chose to attack a ‘low security target’ one where it won’t mean opposition, meaning a ‘Gun Free’ zone. It was reported on Townhall that the mall attached to the Walmart was a ‘Liberty Free’ zone:

Simon Malls, the operators of the Cielo Vista Mall, the scene of the El Paso shooting, bans guns even though Texans are allowed to open and carry concealed.

The Bottom-Line: This is how false narratives are built.

Leftists build these falsehoods by ignoring the facts or selectively presenting them and when all else fails, just make things up out of whole cloth. They are ignoring the facts of the Dayton mass murder while being highly selective in the El Paso case. The evidence is clear that the Dayton mass murderer was a far-Left fascist, while it shows the El Paso Killer to be on the same side.

Why is the National Socialist Media promulgating these lies? The potential answer is extremely disturbing, the national socialist Left is building on the false narrative that these attacks are coming from the right. That they also negatively impact President Trump and are pushing him to betray is base is just a side benefit.

This is a false narrative to not only disarm and silence anyone on the right, but it could also lead to further conflict.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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