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Armed citizen foils mass shooting: How many lives could have been lost in three minutes?



Armed citizen foils mass shooting How many lives could have been lost in three minutes

This is a story you will probably hear about because if you’re reading NOQ Report, chances are good you’re a patriot with your finger on the pulse of conservative news in America. It’s a story that is being widely covered by right-leaning media, though progressive legacy media is clearly hoping to suppress it. Why? Because instead of another mass shooting at another Walmart carried out by an assailant with a scary gun (something that would have reinforced the narrative they’re currently pushing), the end result is no deaths, a suspect in custody, and an off-duty firefighter with a concealed-carry firearm to thank for this positive outcome.

The “good guy with a gun” scenario is invariably suppressed by leftist media.

In his instance, the suspect had over 100 rounds of ammunition, a scary looking “assault weapon,” at least one handgun, and body armor. That doesn’t sound like the type of garb someone would wear if they needed to pick up diapers and toilet paper. Thankfully, the alleged assailant was intercepted before he could commit his heinous act.

An important piece of information here is that the hero held the suspect at gunpoint for three minutes. First, this is very fast response time – good for Springfield, Missouri, and their police department. But second, three minutes is an awfully long time to bring carnage to the world. The Dayton shooter killed nine and wounded dozens in less than a minute.

Unfortunately, this also points to a very dangerous trend. What in the world is getting into people that’s compelling them to strap on body armor and take their firearms to public places? This would have been the fourth such incident in two weeks. I’m always hesitant to call something a trend with insufficient data points, but these data points are on the verge of being sufficient.

As I’ve long said, concealed- and open-carry is the best protection against mass shooters. We do not have omnipresent law enforcement, nor should we. It’s a blessing that this incident ended at the hands of a good guy with a gun.

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