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Twitter suspends Team Mitch, Ryan Saavedra for exposing threats against Mitch McConnell



Twitter suspends Team Mitch Ryan Saavedra for exposing threats against Mitch McConnell

The hashtag #MassacreMitch trended in recent days on Twitter. Within this vile hashtag, which called for the death of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, were some of the most loathsome Tweets imaginable. It even sparked a protest at McConnell’s home where death threats were issued in person. But none of these accounts were suspended for their leftist rhetoric and attempts at intimidation.

A video that showed the protests was shared by The Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra and the Team Mitch Twitter accounts. Both accounts were suspended by Twitter.

Twitter’s hypocrisy is thick in the best of circumstances, but when they’re forced to expose their bias by selectively condemning conservatives who are condemning radical progressives, their hypocrisy level shoots to the stratosphere. It’s only going to get worse the closer we get to the election as big tech in general has taken a proactive stance of making sure President Trump and as many Republican lawmakers as possible do not get reelected.

Conservatives on Twitter are speaking out.

The most prevalent terms of service violation one can make on Twitter is being conservative. It’s not listed publicly on their TOS, but their actions speak volumes as they proactively attempt to subvert the 2020 election.

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Big Facebook announcement falls flat in under 24 hours



Facebook's big announcement falls flat in 24 hours

Yesterday, Facebook was very proud to announce the results of a year-long review by former Senator Jon Kyl. The purpose of the review was to better understand the accusations of political bias, mostly from Conservatives, against the platform. According to Kyl’s editorial in the Wall Street Journal, the concerns of those he interviewed fell into six broad categories.

  • Bias is baked into Facebook’s algorithms and they should not be in the business of separating fact from fiction
  • That the platform’s community standards were constantly evolving and objections to the category “hate speech”
  • Bias in the employees charged with enforcing the rules and the appeals process for smaller organizations
  • Requiring advertisers to register as political organizations to run ads with a policy focus
  • The drawn-out ad approval process due to the stringent ad policies
  • Lack of viewpoint diversity at the company

In the announcement, there were several things Facebook planned to address which included how they handled political ads and the creation of an oversight board for how they handled the appeals of some high profile content removal decisions.

The announcement was supposed to ease tensions between the social media company and users on the political right. However, rather than getting out of the business of fact-checking content, the company committed to explaining newsfeed rankings. These algorithms and “fact checks” have already negatively impacted several Conservative sites. Not sure an explanation fixes that problem. They will also now tell you when they limit the distribution of a post because their “fact-checkers” give it a false rating. Again, why not just stop?

Probably because they are serving two masters in this fight. Facebook consented to a series of civil rights audits from a very left-leaning assessor. Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg released the commitments from that process on June 30, 2019. One action:

We’re taking steps to address this, including a US pilot program where some of the people who review content on Facebook only focus on hate speech instead of a range of content that can include bullying, nudity, and misrepresentation. We believe allowing reviewers to specialize only in hate speech could help them further build the expertise that may lead to increased accuracy over time.

Balancing the commitments made to both groups will be challenging to say the least. And within 24 hours of the announcement of what they would do to address Kyl’s assessment two high profile content decisions were made.

This morning, news hit that an ad from Women for Trump was removed. I confirmed this with one of the board members. Supposedly, because it assumed the gender of the women in the picture.


Can you say peak ridiculousness? Perhaps the assessment they received from Senator Kyl didn’t mention that many people on the right, as well as the vast majority Americans, assume the gender of almost everyone they see. I am also wondering how many posts Forbes Women and Women for Women International have had removed. Since they “assume the gender” of the person pictured on nearly every post.

The other content decision was not allowing the website started by popular Trump-supporting meme maker, Carpe Donktum to work.

Now we all know the left can’t meme, but the right has some pretty good meme artists. And anyone who has spent any time on social media is aware of what a meme is. Satirical short videos or images that everyone knows are a creation, not news or a depiction of factual events. The website was even called “Meme World”. Saying satirical content violates their “Community Standards” is about as stupid as Snopes fact-checking the Babylon Bee. Or just an admission that having a sense of humor is not allowed on Facebook.

Until Facebook decides to employ a good faith approach to known creators, organizations, and campaigns, rather than allowing fringe left-wing zealots to flag content with abandon, nothing will change. Just because Facebook recognizes dozens of genders doesn’t mean most Americans do. Yet activists can use a ridiculous rule based on fringe political ideology to get a perfectly valid political ad pulled.

One that was shared by the President’s official Facebook account. Not the best kick off for a grand announcement about addressing bias. Facepalm Facebook.

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PragerU: Social media can no longer act both as a publisher and as a public forum




PragerU Social media can no longer act both as a publisher and as a public forum

Liberty will be in jeopardy if the dominant social media organs can have it both ways, censoring speech while pretending to be public forums.

A new 5-min video from PragerU perfectly encapsulates the issue of censorship of the dominant social media organs. Presenter Eric George goes through the background of the PragerU v. YouTube lawsuit and the controversy over whether these corporate giants are publisher or public forums.


This case is the critical point because these behemoths wield tremendous power and have the best of both worlds. They started out acting as public forums where they acted as conduits – enjoying the legal protections under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. They are now acting as publishers deciding on what content is acceptable such as PragerU videos, while still being under the protection of being a ‘public forum’. From the transcript:

Here’s why this is so important:

A few years ago, the social media giants—Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter—started to behave not like public forums, but like publishers.

They stopped following Section 230, which specifically requires that these websites promote “a true diversity of political discourse,” and began to judge content by their own political and social criteria.

In other words, the social media giants want it both ways: They want the protections of a public forum and the editorial control of a publisher.

We’re fine if they’re a publisher. And we’re fine if they’re a public forum.

They just can’t be both.

If we win our legal action, YouTube will have to return to the way things were when they started. That’s freedom.

But if we lose, YouTube gets to act as a publisher while pretending to be a public forum. That would mean much less freedom.

And then, eventually, no freedom. Because the most powerful internet sites on earth will determine what you see—and what you don’t.

[Emphasis Added]

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Steve Hilton: While Trump haters pray for a recession, the real economy is booming



Steve Hilton While Trump haters pray for a recession the real economy is booming

Americans believe in the Trump economy. It’s been helping them get jobs if they’re unemployed and better jobs if they were underemployed. It has raised wages, reduced taxes, and increased consumer spending to all-time highs. Even if you’re like many Americans who do not care about the stock market, Wall Street’s effects on Main Street are felt.

But if you listen to mainstream media, you’re likely hearing a different story. The fearmongers are actively attempting to crash the economy in hopes of using a recession against the President when the 2020 election rolls around. It’s disgusting when consider millions of Americans would be hurt by such a move, but the people pressing this false narrative are the same people who will be able to easily survive it. If their families relied on the prosperity the Trump economy is allowing, perhaps they’d think twice.

As Fox News host Steve Hilton pointed out, reality is not matching the narrative being pushed by the left. The more people are aware that recession talks are fake, the less likely they’ll become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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