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South Korea to pay U.S. more in joint defense efforts against North Korea



South Korea to pay US more in joint defense efforts against North Korea

Early Wednesday morning, President Trump Tweeted news that nobody had been talking about before he broke it. South Korea, one of our strongest allies in Asia and the neighbor to our enemies in North Korea, will be paying more to the United States to defend its borders, according to the President’s Tweets.

The news comes following further provocations by North Korea, who has launched missiles on three separate occasions over the last week and half in what they’re calling a warning to the United States and South Korea. This may have spooked the South Koreans to request more defense assets from the United States, which President Trump parlayed into more money paid in exchange.

Meanwhile, China has been keeping relatively quiet regarding their North Korean ally. The United Nations has been calling on China to help rein in Kim Jong un, North Korea’s bombastic and unpredictable young leader. But there have been no indications Beijing has done anything to keep Kim in check. If anything, he has been more aggressive in recent weeks than usual.

It’s another foreign policy win for the President, who has suffered some setbacks with North Korea pretending to play ball only to take the ball away at the last minute on two separate occasions. This change in direction by President Trump is warranted.

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