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Why progressives and media ignore twelve dead, at least 66 injured in Chicago



Why progressives and media ignore seven dead at least 40 injured in Chicago

“Gun violence must stop,” they say.

“White supremacy is rampant,” they say.

“We need gun control now,” they say.

Reactions to this weekends two mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, plus one last week in Gilroy, are sucking all the air out of the newsrooms as three young Caucasian males almost certainly perpetrated three heinous acts. At least one was the result of frustration over border security as the alleged El Paso shooter posted a racist manifesto on 8Chan before committing his crime. The Gilroy shooter’s ideology remains unclear. The Dayton shooter appears to be an Antifa- and Satan-loving Democrat.

But it’s all being labeled as white supremacy.

Meanwhile, crickets are coming from the media following a bloody weekend in Chicago in which somewhere between 50-70 people were shot and at least 12 have been killed as a result of gun violence. I say “50-70” because there were so many instances and the reports are so ambiguous, it’s hard to get an accurate tally.

“The individuals are carrying illegal guns to settle disputes and to prey on rivals because there are no consequences for carrying guns in the city of Chicago,” Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said.

What’s the difference between Chicago’s shootings and the shootings in the other three cities? It’s all about narrative. The three non-Chicago mass shootings can be loosely attached to white supremacy even though only one seems to have racism as a true motive. The three non-Chicago mass shootings were perpetrated with scary “military-style weapons.” Most importantly, the three non-Chicago mass shootings are in areas that haven’t fallen victim to the same level of obtuse gun control they have in Chicago, though one can argue the gun laws in California make the Gilroy shooting an example that goes against the leftist narrative as well.

But at the end of the day, the real racism of the left and the media shines through as they willfully pretend Chicago’s violence isn’t as important to talk about as the other three incidents. After all, the victims and the shooters were almost entirely African-America. The left’s and the media’s narrative is much more important to them than the lives of African-Americans who should already be perfectly safe in gun-control utopias like Chicago.

The reality is this: All murders are wrong. I refuse to stand by and let the left ignore Chicago’s weekend of violence simply because it doesn’t jibe with their racist and anti-gun views. They need to be made to acknowledge three things:

  • White supremacy is the left’s political mantra against the President and Republicans and can only loosely be associated with one of the dozens of shootings that happened over the weekend.
  • If gun control actually worked, there wouldn’t have been more people shot in Chicago than any of the other cities with recent mass shootings.
  • The best way to protect Americans and reduce the amount of mass shootings in America is to loosen gun laws, not make them stricter.

It’s the truest mark of racism that leftists and the media are focusing all their attention on the alleged perpetrators of the three other mass shootings while ignoring the dozens shot and 12 killed in Chicago over the weekend.

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