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Previously deported sex offender Adolfo Torres-Aguilar the latest caught trying to reenter country



Previously deported sex offender Adolfo Torres-Aguilar the latest caught trying to reenter country

A string of sex offenders, particularly those who were convicted in the American northeast, have been attempting to cross the border illegally to reenter the country over the last week. Border patrol noted that “several” have been captured in just the last few days.

Mexican national Adolfo Torres-Aguilar, 26, is the latest to get captured in an attempt to breach our borders and return to his life in America.  He didn’t wait long; he was arrested and convicted in February of this year in New Jersey before being deported.

Border Patrol Arrests Previously Deported Sex Offender

Agents patrolling near a residential subdivision of Nogales encountered 26-year-old Adolfo Torres-Aguilar, a Mexican national illegally present in the United States. Agents conducting criminal database checks learned that Torres-Aguilar had been convicted of Criminal Sexual Contact on February 1, 2019, in Bridgeton, New Jersey.

Torres-Aguilar, one of several sex offenders with convictions out of the northeast recently arrested by Tucson Sector Border Patrol, will face federal prosecution for immigration violations.

There is something appealing to sex offenders about America that keeps them coming back. This flies in the face of the narrative being pushed by Democrats that those trying to enter the country are good people simply trying to make better lives for themselves. Unfortunately for them, economic hardship is not grounds for asylum. Those who want to take advantage of the American dream can do so by going through proper channels and entering the United States legally.

But the recent rash of sexual predators trying to reenter the country is especially alarming. They’re not even being shy about it; many are turning right around after being deported and heading straight to the border knowing there’s very little America will do about it other than send them back. If there are not real consequences, what do they have to lose?

As long as Democrats continue to pretend there are no risks from open borders, we will not find solutions to the border crisis or the wave of criminal illegal immigrants continuously trying to reenter the United States.

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