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Chinese election interference against the President will make Russia look like amateurs



Chinese election interference against the President will make Russia look like amateurs

China does not like President Trump. His trade war is harming their economy in ways that are currently unknown because of the lies the Chinese regime tell in order to maintain a positive outlook among they’re people. But they’re clearly hurting and it’s only going to get worse for them.

They currently have two options: Bow to President Trump’s demands for a fair free trade agreement between the two countries or wait until the 2020 election in hopes that he’ll be ousted from the White House. But China is not known for waiting around. They’re planning something to influence the elections. In fact, they’re almost certainly doing things now to turn the American people against their President.

Even if we take at face value that Russia tried to hack the 2016 election in favor of candidate Trump, which is not necessarily the case, their efforts were designed as most operations in Russia are made to operate. It was clunky, ham-fisted, and relied on proxies to try to deliver what they hoped would be a blow to the center of the nation that would split the two political sides apart irreparably. Judging by the polarization in America today, one can say that they accomplished their mission, at least in part.

But China is a much bigger concern. Their history of infiltration and their inherent willingness to play the “long game” tells us they’ve had operatives preparing for such a moment as this for years, perhaps decades. They are in our computer systems. They are in our major corporations. They have influence in our government. They even have loose control over our media, though it’s often had to tell which foreign entities have the most control in that regard.

Make no mistake: China is already actively trying to subvert the 2020 elections and remove President Trump from office. But they’re smarter than the Russians. They’re doing it in ways that are barely detectable even if someone is looking in the right place.

Technology in general and digital communications in particular are the most likely venues through which the will operate. But unlike the Russians who used bot accounts on social media and in comment threads to get Americans angry, China will use more direct approaches. Their influence in social media will be more technologically sophisticated, perhaps messing with algorithms or establishing false statistics from the backend. It’s a technique we’ve seen before on Facebook in which it appears that a promoted message is reaching a particular audience when it’s not. For example, they could redirect campaign messages that are supposed to be hitting voters in Wisconsin and actually have them hit fake accounts that will then like and even comment on the posts. To the social media marketer, it will appear the campaign was a success, when in reality they only reached a fraction of the voters they intended to reach with their message.

This will happen. The only question that needs to be asked is what will these companies do if they find out what’s happening? Will they allow the hacks to continue since they benefit the political bias of these sites. Many of them have secretly proclaimed they intend to make the results of 2020 very different from 2016. Would they allow hacks to continue if discovered, knowing these hacks are benefiting their cause?

I’ve always been skeptical of the media in general and social media in particular. But with China trying to hack the 2020 election, it’s important for patriots to remain even more diligent and fight for the votes we need in order to keep America great.

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