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Project Veritas releases summary of their big tech undercover investigations



If you’re a conservative, Christian, or both, big tech is against you. Sites like Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest are putting forth policies to purge, silence, or censor you. Some of these policies are subtle. Others are blatant and downright obtuse. But whether subtle or gross, the attacks on your worldview continue.

The folks at Project Veritas have hit some real home runs in recent weeks when it comes to exposing these companies for their practices. It’s actually been hard to keep up with so many investigations reported and others ongoing, so they released a video that gives the highlights of what they’ve learned about these big tech companies and their attempts to stifle conservatives.

They also used the video as an opportunity to recruit. With so many employees at these companies, there are bound to be patriots who are seeing what’s happening and are willing to speak out about it. If you work at a big tech company and have information that can prove useful to Project Veritas, email them at

Conservatives have a long and dangerous road ahead. The closer we get to the 2020 elections, the more unhinged these big tech companies will become. We must support Project Veritas as they continue bringing the truth to light.

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