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Brad Parscale posts picture of MAGA dog, break the internet



Brad Parscale posts picture of MAGA dog break the internet

President Trump’s campaign manager has been all over the place following the President’s rally last night in Ohio. But nothing he’s done today has garnered more attention than the picture of a MAGA-hat wearing dog that is blowing up the internet across most social platforms.

The unidentified dog seems enthralled by whatever the President is saying as others look on and smile.

With over 12,000 likes in just three hours, the Tweet has gone viral, even for Parscale’s popular Twitter account. As campaign manager, Parscale has used good instincts and experience in digital media to make an impact in the President’s first and current runs for election. Pictures like this will help.

While the left makes jokes about animal cruelty (which is no laughing matter) and the intelligence level of Trump supporters, the President continues to have hugely successful rallies. Two legs, four legs… it doesn’t matter. We all want to KAG.

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