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The Russians were (are) rooting for chaos, not Trump



I’ve long said the notion that Russia assisted Donald Trump in winning the 2016 election was a false conclusion made by misinterpreted evidence. There are too many contradictions surrounding the actions Russians made, especially now that the Mueller Report has revealed some of the strange activity. But while everyone is focused on whether or not the President obstructed, there are details being missed that point to the more feasible scenario that Russia wanted Americans to be at each other’s throats and didn’t really care who won the election.

In fact, it seems more likely they were rooting for Hillary Clinton, but ramped up “support” for Trump because they didn’t think he could beat her.

Uranium One has been and remains the smoking gun despite misdirection towards the Steele Dossier. If the Russians had dirt on anyone, it’s the Clintons. Judging by the contentious relationship the United States has had with Russia since President Trump won, only two conclusions make sense: either President Trump is the worst Russian mole in the history of moles or Russia was actually seeding discontent in an effort to make America tear itself apart from the inside.

Let’s go ahead and assume President Trump pulling out of the Russian nuclear deal against profuse objections from Moscow is a clear indicator he isn’t a mole. That means the Russians were – and are – simply attempting to polarize America and make us hate one another. Their ties to propaganda machines and anti-American social media profiles should be an easy demonstration of their real intentions.

Declassified’s Gina Shakespeare breaks down some of the evidence for The Epoch Times that this is actually the case. If America isn’t careful, the Russian’s real goal of pitting us against ourselves will be fully realized.

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