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Propaganda by omission: Elijah Cummings’ home broken into SAME DAY as Trump Tweet!



Propaganda by omission Elijah Cummings home broken into SAME DAY as Trump Tweet

Propaganda and media jamming can come in many forms. One tactic used is to promote a narrative in the headline even if it’s not an accurate portrayal of events. Something can be factually true while still implying a falsehood. This is an intentional attempt to mislead the people.

The latest example comes from CBS reporter Mike Hellgren and several other “journalists” who repeated the same talking point.

Unhinged leftists’ immediate reaction, in a nutshell: “OMG! It happened the same day President Trump Tweeted about Elijah Cummings! This must be another ‘MAGA Country’ crime!!!”

Actually, no. While factually correct, Hellgren’s and other’s “reporting” on the topic seemed to imply a connection between the President’s Tweets and the break-in at the Representative’s house. In fact, one can deduce from these Tweets that there’s a possibility the crime happened as a result of the Tweets. But that’s impossible. Cummings’s home was broken into BEFORE the President Tweeted about him.

Unless there are Trump supporters who can add precognition to their list of superpowers, the President’s Tweet couldn’t have been the cause of the break-in. This is a case of explicit versus implicit. Hellgren and other’s never explicitly stated the President’s Tweet was a potential cause, but the wording of their reports implies it.

By declaring the break-in was the same day and either noting it happened BEFORE Trump’s Tweet at the bottom of the story or not at all, leftist media is implying it was Trump’s fault. This is disingenuous journalism. It’s the height of #FakeNews.

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