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The DCCC’s purge of six white staffers is pure racism



The DCCCs purge of six white staffers is pure racism

Let’s see what the dictionary says:




prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

There’s an important takeaway from this definition. The phrase “directed against someone of a different race” does not indicate that race cannot be Caucasian. By definition, racism can take place even if it’s a person of color directing their attacks against a Caucasian simply because of the color of their skin.

A story that’s getting nearly no coverage from a progressive mainstream media industry that likely recognizes it for what it is happened this week as the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). We covered it in its early stages on Monday when Executive Director Allison Jaslow was ousted for being white while DCCC chair Allison Jaslow was forced to go to diversity training because she said her husband and children were of “Mexican descent.”

Now, six of the 27 staffers have “resigned” because they are white.

Democrats just purged white party staffers, and it’s a bigger deal than anyone wants to admit

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the House Democrats’ powerful campaign arm, has just abruptly purged half a dozen staffers. Why? Because they are white.

It appears that no one had anything against these particular staffers … except for the color of their skin. Although roughly half the committee’s full-time staff (13 of 27) were nonwhite, this was not enough for some Democratic members of Congress. They complained DCCC Chairwoman Cheri Bustos of Illinois had brought in too many white staffers when she won the position. And they put enough pressure on her that she sacrificed her loyal staffers to the god of diversity.

Imagine a scenario in which six minorities were removed from a staff of 27 because of the color of their skin. The outrage from the left would be matched by outrage from the right. This would be universally condemned as pure, unambiguous racism. But when it’s done to Caucasians, the media, the left, and many on the right just yawn. It’s social justice. It’s entitlement. It’s payback. They have white privilege anyway, right?

Sorry folks, but this is wrong. This is racism, clear and unmistakable, and it’s happening at the most powerful campaign arm for a party that embraces diversity above all other things with the possibility of climate change. If the six people who took one for the team wanted to sue, they would win easily. That’s how blatant this discrimination is, and it’s a clear violation of discrimination laws even if they’re Caucasian.

How anyone can see this any other way is baffling.

The Democrats prove time and again they’re the party of racism, whether it’s through their direct actions or the big government policies they propose. Everyone, including progressive minorities, should condemn this for what it is: bigotry.

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