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Can Kamala Harris recover after Typhoon Tulsi?



Can Kamala Harris recover after Hurricane Tulsi

Short answer: I sure hope so. She’s the candidate I’d love to see matched up against President Trump as her policies are so far from the reservation, even the socialists in her party blush when they hear the costs. The longer answer is, yes, she can recover, and here’s why…

But first, let’s take a look at Typhoon Tulsi in action:

Harris supporters have become apoplectic over the attacks on their queen. But there’s no denying Tulsi Gabbard scored points for herself, though not nearly as many points as she took away from one of the frontrunners. It was a blistering attack that got the Harris-friendly crowd gasping and cheering. It won’t be enough to make Gabbard a contender, but it may be enough to start the downfall of Harris.

Don’t take this as appreciation for Gabbard as a candidate. While she has some anti-Trump Libertarians pumped with her non-interventionist attitude, she’s still a progressive Democrat with horrible ideas about the economy, abortion, gun control, and yes, foreign policy. Still, it’s good to see her point out the biggest flaw in Harris’s resume, at least for the Democratic base.

Oddly enough, her record as a hard-nosed prosecutor who put criminals and non-criminals away may be the most appealing part about her for moderate Americans. But she’ll continue running away from that record even as the former Vice President directed everyone to Google it.

If there’s a future in the election for Typhoon Tulsi, it’s as Biden’s VP choice. He’s never mentioned her, but he’ll certainly take a closer look if she continues to be the attack dog he needs in the general election…

…which they’d lose to Trump.

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