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Conspiracy Theory

Thought-provoking video by Truthstream Media asks if we’re still stuck in Plato’s cave



The movie They Live has been a cult classic and the source of several memes, but few ever considered if there’s some truth in the story of mind control and mass media hiding nefarious puppet-masters pulling every string in our lives. It’s crazy to think that we could put on a pair of sunglasses and see aliens among us, but what if the mind control is a little less strange?

What if the control is coming through our television screens, broadcasting directly to our brains in ways that keep us unwittingly herded to where the puppet-masters want us to be in this life. As conspiracy theories go, this is one of the oddest. But it’s also one that may not be as divergent from reality as faked moon landings or the flat earth theory.

It’s demonstrable that we’re easiest to influence when our brains are in an alpha state, which is precisely what our minds show when we’re stuck in front of the television. I’ve long been opposed to television, though mostly because of propaganda and not because I’m fearful of mind control. But I could just be lucky to live the way I do. Am I avoiding the programming (literally) that’s going on in America and around the world?

The folks at Truthstream Media have put out another mind-blowing video. This one isn’t as substantive as most of their videos, but it’s intriguing and well produced. It raises the question at the end, “How would you prove something like that?”

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