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Marianne Williamson is the sane one of the bunch



One important takeaway from last night’s first round of the 2nd Democratic debates is that Marianne Williamson is for real. No, I don’t think she has a chance. No, I wouldn’t vote for her in the general election. But despite some moments when she was literally shaking and talking about dark spirits, the self-help guru actually made a lot of sense, at least from a progressive’s perspective. With three radicals among the five frontrunners, Williamson’s unconventional politics are more sane and less destructive than what’s being proposed otherwise.

Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, and Elizabeth Warren are radical progressives. We knew this about Sanders and Warren going in. Now that Harris has trumped them with even more expensive proposals than the socialists, she can officially be classified as a radical. Pete Buttigieg is a rational radical. His perspectives aren’t as well published as the other frontrunners, but it’s clear he will do even more on the social front by invoking a perverted form of Christianity, which makes him arguably more dangerous than the three radicals. As for Joe Biden, he’s a blank slate who will be the socialist the Democrats want when push comes to shove.

Williamson may be a socialist as well. Her push for reparations is quite progressive, but there’s a difference in how she’s doing it. She’s justifying it properly, and while I can disagree with her thinking, at least she’s putting logic behind it. The others are not. They are dwelling purely in the depths of emotion. Meanwhile, Williamson is subverting expectations by sounding oddly lucid as she rants in her spiritual way.

There isn’t much of a chance that Williamson will take on Trump in the general election, but one can hope. It would be the most entertaining election of all time, one that would leave America in a state of blissful confusion.

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