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Which Democratic frontrunner is proposing the highest spending?



Being a frontrunner for the Democratic nomination for president is expensive business. No, I’m not referring to the costs of their campaigns themselves, though I believe too much money is given to people so they can tell you to vote for them. The expensive part comes if any of the Democrats get elected, with the five frontrunners offering varying degrees of insanity within their policy proposals.

The insanity isn’t in the motivation. They want to make America… different (I won’t say they want to make it better because that’s still in doubt)… and to do it they’re going to offer free stuff to people. If we disregard the tremendous roadblock that Congress determines how money is spent, we have to look at the dollars and cents of what these candidates are proposing. Under scrutiny, it’s terrifying.

But a surprise (to me) came with a breakdown John Stossel did of the Democratic proposals. With one declared socialist (Bernie Sanders) and one undeclared socialist (Elizabeth Warren), one might assume that one of them would be pushing the most expensive proposals. Joe Biden is the “moderate,” though his proposals are much more expensive than even Barack Obama tried to implement. As for Pete Buttigieg, it’s really hard to pin him down to any concrete ideas.

But the “winner” of the free stuff award goes to Kamala Harris. Of all the frontrunners, her policy proposals are the most expensive. Yes, they’re even higher than Sanders’s and Warren’s.

The sad reality of the Democratic Party is this: Even those who are considered “moderate” are proposing spending that is astronomically higher than America can afford even with tax increases. One person stands out, and she’s terrifying.

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