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Crazy versus crazier: There are no moderate Democrats



Crazy versus crazier There are no moderate Democrats

There’s a narrative being built by mainstream media and leftist pundits as they try to hedge their bets, unsure of which presidential candidate will emerge but knowing that whoever it is, they’re going to support them. This narrative is being repeated by many conservative news outlets as well. It poses the notion that there are far-left Democrats such as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, and there are moderate Democrats like Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg.

This is false. Even the most “moderate” Democrat in the field today is proposing policies that would have been considered radical if President Obama or Hillary Clinton brought them up. To say that the ones not as far to the left as Sanders and Warren are moderates is not an accurate characterization of their policy proposals. They’re all radical progressives. A few are just more radical than the others.

Even Biden, the frontrunning “moderate” of the group, is proposing policies that are to the left of the President he served with for eight years. His history as a lawmakers is relatively moderate, but things have changed. The Democratic Party has changed and Biden has changed along with it so he can keep up with the radicals. Lest we forget, there was a time not too long ago when it was possible to be a pro-life Democrat. Biden has always struggled with his stance on abortion because his Catholic faith prohibits it. But today, he’s all in for abortion-on-demand because that’s what the radicals who actually control the party have named as their policy stance.

Some may argue that “moderate vs progressive” is relative to the times, and there’s some truth in this notion. But if that’s the case, the least radical of the group are still proposing ideas that are far to the left of the mainstream. It’s more accurate to categorize these folks as “less progressive” instead of “more moderate” because even the furthest candidates to the right are still far to the left of center.

Every Democratic candidate is proposing a pathway to Medicare-for-All. Even Biden’s Obamacare 2.0 proposal has language in it that proposes a public option as a step towards single payer. The idea that’s being floated by other’s currently being called “moderates” is Medicare-for-All-Who-Wants-It. This is a dangerous concept, arguably more dangerous than flat-out Medicare-for-All, because it will drive up private insurance costs and taxes at the same time. With insurance companies competing against a public option that draws in most of those who are currently being subsidized under Obamacare, they will be forced to raise premiums and deductibles on those who choose to keep their insurance. This raise will drive more people to the public option. It’s a cycle that leads to Medicare-for-All by default, a scenario that will cause lurches in costs and incongruous revenues to cover it.

In other words, their more “moderate” proposal could bring about healthcare turmoil through uncertainty. As bad as Medicare-for-All is, at least it cuts to the chase and prevents the turbulence of its dangerous half-measures cousin that is so popular with the less radical candidates.

Every candidate is also pushing for some variation of border security changes that will lead to de facto open borders. They’re hesitant to say it; Buttigieg waffled in the span of back-to-back answers regarding decriminalizing illegal border crossings, attempting to make a distinction between “fraudulent” illegal border crossings and the non-existent other version.

The “moderates” are trying to send signals to the center without saying things that will get them bashed by the far-left. As awkward as the 2016 GOP primaries were at times, there was still transparency involved. With the Democrats this year, it seems like they’re either trying to appease both ends of the Democratic spectrum or they’re unwilling to commit to anything without asterisks attached. This is not moderation. This is disingenuous radicalism that’s leaving room for the center to not abandon them.

Every major candidate is pro-abortion, anti-gun, pro-open borders, and offering healthcare solutions far to the left of Obamacare. To say any of them are moderates is like saying getting stabbed is fine compared to getting shot.

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