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Elizabeth Warren doesn’t understand how healthcare works



Elizabeth Warren doesnt understand how healthcare works

Tonight’s Democratic debate was a dud. It was well-moderated by CNN’s hosts, and that’s about the best thing we can say about the show tonight. But there’s an important takeaway about one of the frontrunners, Senator Elizabeth Warren. Her lack of understanding of the healthcare industry is shockingly lacking.

I’ll admit, I didn’t realize how little she knows about healthcare until tonight.

The big talking point she made multiple times tonight was the reason people are asked to fill out so many forms is so health insurance companies have another excuse to deny coverage. This is actually a real problem… from the 1980s. Today, denial of coverage over loopholes simply isn’t a real thing. Any denial of coverage over paperwork problems was made illegal even before Obamacare was introduced.

Coverage is not denied. Yes, there are certain elements of coverage that are guided by the insurance companies; my wife is forced to take generic drugs as a result of her insurance. But with a child who has had two open heart surgeries, a mother and a wife who have fought through cancer, and three other kids who have health issues at times, I haven’t had a problem despite having multiple insurance companies over the last decade.

Warren is using scare tactics to push for Medicare-for-All. Just as Bernie Sanders pushed the premise of profit being evil, so too does Warren claim the best way to cover everyone is through the government. What neither wants to admit is government-run healthcare is the fastest path to complete upheaval that will result in the type of healthcare being offered in places the Democrats often tout.

There’s a reason a majority of people in Canada and Great Britain are unhappy with their government-run healthcare.

Elizabeth Warren isn’t talking to those with denied coverage because there simply aren’t very many of them. She’s talking to everyone else in hopes they’ll be scared of a nonexistent problem of denied coverage in private health insurance.

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