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Deported child rapist Gregorio Neri-Basilio caught trying breach open border section



Deported child rapist Gregorio Neri-Basilio caught trying breach open border section

How many times do we have to report stories like these before Congressional Democrats are willing to act? A man convicted of child sexual assault was captured by U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to the El Centro Sector.

Mexican national Gregorio Neri-Basilio, 36, was captured approximately 12 miles east of the Calexico West Port of Entry. He was deported after serving just 12 months following his conviction on three counts of Sexual Abuse of a Child on July 13, 2004 out of Utah County, Utah. This latest attempt to reenter the country is indicative of the problems border patrol faces as they’re greatly outnumbered by the mass of migrants coming across the border illegally.

This is only the most recent example of an illegal alien attempting to reenter the country after being deported. With no wall and weak laws governing our borders, their attempts are going to continue indefinitely until government acts on behalf of American citizens.


Over the last few weeks, I’ve held off on reporting instances like these. It isn’t that they stopped, but I’ve felt like I’m a broken record. Keeping stories like these in the news is imperative if we’re going to either convince Democrats on Capitol Hill to act or show the American people the need to remove them from office come election day. This is why we continue to ask for financial support so we can expand our coverage and get the word out to more Americans.

The illegal immigration problem is not going away by DC twiddling its thumbs. We need action, and the Democrats aren’t going to do anything other than obstruct the President and keep the Russia hoax alive and well. We need to keep up the pressure in order to get things done on this important issue.


“In fiscal year 2019, El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents have arrested and removed 19 individuals either convicted or wanted on sexual assault charges after they entered the United States illegally.” – CBP Statement

Final Thoughts

Every week we hear of new reports of sexual predators returning to our country after being deported. Child rapists are not prone to rehabilitation, so their reentry into the United States illegally should worry everyone, even Democrats.

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