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Qualifications and results take back seat to diversity in DCCC shakeup



Qualifications and results take back seat to diversity in DCCC shakeup

Allison Jaslow is an Iraqi war veteran. She has served for many current and former Democrats on Capitol Hill. Her understanding of how to promote the Democratic Party and campaign for individual candidates is unmatched. But she has a problem. She’s Caucasian, and that just won’t stand in the modern day Democratic Party that values diversity over qualifications and results.

Today, she stepped down as Executive Director for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) following calls to make the committee more diverse.

“The DCCC is now in complete chaos,” Representatives Vicente Gonzalez and Filemon Vela said in a statement. “The single most immediate action that Cheri Bustos can take to restore confidence in the organization and to promote diversity is to appoint a qualified person of color, of which there are many, as executive director at once.”

Are there plenty of qualified Democrats who can be categorized as a “person of color”? Absolutely. But it’s important to note they’re not calling for the most qualified person to be the new Executive Director. That isn’t “woke” enough since Jaslow was, from many perspectives, that person. But being the most qualified is no longer the criteria for filling major jobs for Democrats. Diversity is the most important factor for Democrats. To them, optics supersedes results.

This is discrimination, plain and simple. It’s racism. It’s bigotry. It’s the type of thing we fought against decades ago when the most qualified people of color were passed over for Caucasians, when qualified women had bosses who were less qualified men. But instead of accepting equality across the board as the best approach, Democrats are opting for an anti-Caucasian track in which a white person’s qualifications may be better than those of a person of color, but because they’re white, they’re pushed aside.

This is why I left the Democratic Party. These Democrats believe they are fighting racism by being racist. They truly believe they are incapable of being racist if they’re a “person of color,” and neither logic nor facts will change their minds.

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